Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun with the Dunn's....

Hal LOVED Jess' vacuum
Some quality time with Uncle Josh & Isaac

It was Auntie Dena's birthday on Saturday and she turned the big 3-0! So...we went to celebrate with her. Dena's brother-in-law Wil is attending culinary school right now and he and his wife, Kristen made the MOST delicious food for the party! I've been talking about it ever since. We always LOVE spending time with Dena and her WHOLE family...that includes her Parent's, Grandparent's and's always so much fun! Hal is a very social little girl so she does best with lots for her to do and see....this visit she was introduced to Ava (white dog) & Gracie (black dog). Wil & Kristen have TWO Great Dane's and they were along to celebrate Auntie Dena's birthday as well....they did GREAT!! you can well imagine....Halle LOVED them. She is such a dog lover....I think there may be a dog in our future...shhhh..don't tell Daddy!!

Jess and Hal...we're playing this silly was really fun, cant' you tell??
Isaac...putting "pretty's" in Hal's hair...
Hal and Gracie
Silly Face
Ava wanted to vacuum too...