Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy THIRD Birthday!

To our sweet, silly girl on her birthday,
Today you turned THREE.  As I just read your birthday letter from last year I cried.  Mommy is a bit of a crier lately.  That's because she's growing your little brother/sister in her tummy!  What a GREAT big sister you are going to be.  As I look back on this year I can not believe how much you've grown up and out.....your vocabulary astounds even me.  It seems like over night you have started carrying on whole conversations with ANYONE who wants to listen.  That includes all your stuffed animals and each and every person we pass while in a store.  You still love to sing and are very demanding when choosing music to listen currently are enjoying your Veggie Tale's sing the 70's CD with great gusto!!  Mommy and Daddy kind of like it too.  Eating your meals is still a chore.....maybe you'll just learn to like it someday.  For now, we urge you on and try not to get to impatient...hmmmm...I need to remember this.  You started a new Pre-School/Daycare this year at the Gingerbread House....and you ABSOLUTELY love it!  As I type this your birthday treat bags are packed and you're all set to celebrate your birthday with your friends.  You are recognizing lots of letters and love to learn more about them.  AND finally, have your colors down....that's when you want to!  Sometimes you just trick us.  This year you mastered the swings at the park.  You've always loved the slides, but...for some reason those swings scared you.  Not if only you could learn to pump your legs.  AND...we passed a big milestone in May when you stopped wearing diapers!  PHEW!!  I'm so proud of you big girl...and I'm so glad I don't have to change your diapers anymore.  Now we just need to get rid of your binky.....Halle, Mommy and Daddy pray Jesus blesses you this year and that you continue to grow in HIM.  Becoming the woman of God we know you'll one day be.  For now, we'll take our silly little brown girl who still likes to rock-a-bye for a few minutes each night before bed...who repeatedly gives us hugs and kisses and loves to see our faces after a long day away!
Hugs and Kisses,
Mommy & Daddy