Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today I am thankful, yet pondering....what would it be like if my Dad was still here???  I'm sure he would be EXCITED beyond belief that there was a chance of snow on Thanksgiving.  He would caution my Mom about the gravy....making sure there were no lumps and it was THICK enough for his liking.  He would eat with gusto and gooble up everything on his plate making sure he left room from Mom's apple pie.  He would want to make sure we had enough leftovers for the week.  He would settle in HIS chair after the meal and watch some football.  This I'm sure of.  I'm also sure that Halle would be the light of his life.  He would so love this little girl that DOES NOT stop moving.  That makes me sad.  But, do you know why I'm thankful?  Tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of my Dad's "graduation".  He went to be with his Jesus, the Saturday after Thanksgiving of 2006. Let me share something with you.  My Dad could always know when it was going to snow...and he LOVED the snow so much.  The evening my Dad passed away my family and I gathered for a meal out.....I kept saying...."it looks like it's going to snow"....they all passed it off...when we stepped outside to leave the restaurant...guess what??  It was snowing...and it snowed for almost a week!  So, I'm thankful for snow mostly because it reminds me of my Dad.  AND...yes, I love it too...just like him!  I am also thankful that I have the knowledge of my saving Jesus and a relationship with Him. That means that one day I will see my day again in heaven.  What a super, glorious day that will be....My Dad, my three babies I never got to meet and all the others that have gone on before me.  Does that make you thankful, excited.....giddy?  It does me!  This weekend, take some time....slow thankful.  Delight in HIS grace.  Sit at HIS feet....prepare your hearts for the CHRISTmas season.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halle Grace

Two years ago on this date in Tyler, Tx this little girl was placed in my arms.  From that day on she has blessed my socks off!  That day just happened to be "National Adoption Day" in 2008 and while our family and friends in Washington were celebrating at the courthouse we were receiving the BEST gift EVER.  For as long as I live I will not forget that day....and when Halle is old enough her Daddy and I will tell her all about it and show her all the pictures we have.  Pictures of her Birth Mom and her Foster we treasure.  I loved that the people who worked at the agency just grabbed our camera and began snapping pictures.  Because of this little girl we have learned what it is to be Parent' my opinion, the HARDEST job one will ever have...and since Halle is TWO right now we are right in the middle of some of the worst days I have ever had.  BUT, when that little girl hugs me around my legs and says "Love you Mommy"....I melt.  I forget all the hard days I've had and remember Jesus has given us Halle as a gift.  He blessed us when her Birth Mom chose us after looking through many profiles....she gave her life and grew her in her tummy.  But, she so grew in our hearts!  I remember so clearly the day Bob from Christian Homes called my cell phone to tell us about this little girl.  I remember everyone in my office gathering around the computer as I pulled up her picture for the first time....I remember her Daddy's tears when he first laid eyes on her while she was in my arms and Halle looking up worried when Daddy fed her the very first bottle.  What an AMAZING journey we have been on!!  Thank you Jesus for blessing us with this little brown girl...we love her very much!!

Pictures from our FIRST day together

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Esther Jade

Calling all prayer warriors! Will join me and pray for sweet Esther Jade?  She needs our prayers more than ever........what an eternal perspective her Mommy has.  Love her so much and their family!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Best Buddies!!!

Halle and her BEST buddy, Trevin.  These two = TROUBLE!

BIG Girl Bed

A few weeks ago we moved Halle into her "BIG Girl Bed"'s a twin size bed that was mine.  So, that makes it pretty special....Daddy painted the headboard bright red to match Hal's room and we got some new sheets too.  We don't quite have all the bedding yet.  Nana is going to help Mommy make a duvet cover, but...she's been really busy lately preparing for her new grandson that will arrive sometime in early December.  She made the cutest bedding for the little guy's crib!  For the first two nights we climbed into bed with Hal and laid with her until she fell asleep.  Then, on the third night, she stayed all by herself...HOORAAY!!  Well, I 'd like to say she's done that ever since, but...that is not the story!  AND...certainly would not be truthful if I said that!  It's a struggle...we're making it.  Isn't parenting great?  Nothing has ever stretched me as much as being a Mommy has.  Here are some pictures to commemorate this BIG step in Hal's little life.....

She LOVED helping Daddy put her bed together and was just GIDDY with excitement over this BIG change.  I found her on Sunday morning sleeping totally sideways in her bed...good thing she didn't fall out!  She loved to do this in her crib too, but...she had become way too tall!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fluffy Little Chicken.....

I Love YOU!!  This would be the ONE and only picture I have of Halle in her chicken costume.  We learned quite quickly that two year olds and busy church Harvest carnival's don't go well together.  We lasted one HALF hour.  Oh well....maybe next year will be better.  But seriously, have you seen a cuter chicken? I think not!