Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Halle's Dedication

Our little Halle Grace was dedicated last Sunday, January 11.  What a sweet time it was...Grammie & Auntie Amber were there, Auntie Pam, Uncle Brett & Halle's cousins....Colby, Jessica & Jada.  Nana & Papa, Uncle Daniel, Auntie Lisa cousins Eden & Hayden, Auntie Heather, Uncle Shaun & Auntie Leah all came to see Halle!!  We sure felt special!!  Not to mention all of our church family.  Baby dedications are so near and dear to my heart.  That and Children's Christmas programs...they get to me everytime.  I so longed to have a child to dedicate to our Lord Jesus for so long.  I have sat through so many dedications and each time I cry...what a tremendous responsibility we have to raise Halle in the fear and admonition of our Lord Jesus.  We want her to know who our Jesus is and to love Him as we do....we pray daily that at a young age she would come to know JESUS!!  What a sweet day that will be!  After the dedication we went to Grammie's house so Halle could have lunch and then we went out for lunch...Halle was a good girl and slept almost the entire time...Jada kept her company sitting right by her car seat!  Let me tell you, Halle looked BEAUTIFUL in her little red silk (yes, silk I said, Grammie bought it for her) dress from Gymboree with matching shoes & headband.  Nana made her the cutest sweater to wear with it and to top it all of...she wore her bracelet from her Birth Mommy.  I cried when I put it on her, how special!  I know that her Birth Mommy would love so much that she wore it.......we sent her a picture so she could see Halle on her special day!!  Here are some pictures...minus Halle!!  

Halle's dress
The shoes and headband
The sweater from Nana
The book the church gave us that's so cute!!

Harper Brown Stamps

I am a blog hopper....I know, I know...but, seriously....I found this blog after reading Angie Smith's blog about her daughter Audrey Caroline.  Kelly and her husband have gone through infertility and were so blessed when they became pregnant with their daughter, Harper.  That's what drew me see us women who have gone through infertility love to hear other's lifts us makes us feel not so alone.  So...I have been following Kelly's blog and anxiously awaiting the birth of Harper...I checked last night and found she was born but, had some complications and had been airlifted to another hospital where they could care for her better.  I added a button on my right sidebar..."Praying for Harper"...would you join me in doing so??? Thanks so much!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Recap

Christmas has come and gone...and I'm way behind!  Since almost all of our pictures have Halle in'll have to settle for our Christmas decorations.  I do have one picture to share of'll see.  Pictures first..then more of a post...

This is Halle's "SWEET" bum....isn't that so cute?
This is just a sampling of ALL the snow we made getting around a little challenging!
A close-up of our Christmas tree
 A not so close-up of our tree
One of Halle's "Baby's first Christmas" ornaments
Our stockings.....
Comfort & Joy...and a lighted tree
My beloved Willow Tree Nativity...Aaron made the stable!

We had such a nice Christmas, was very busy!  We started off Christmas Eve night with dinner and presents at my Mom's...Halle did great and slept a lot....I got some really nice sweaters and some warm boots...HOORAAYY...Halle got some cute clothes and few toys...books too.  Aaron received a sweatshirt, some t-shirts and the "Back to the Future" trilogy...he's been wanting that for a few years now.  Christmas morning we headed back to my Mom's for Christmas brunch and stockings....more fun stuff!  Including DVD's....HOORAAYYY!!  Halle napped with Auntie Amber in Grammies comfy chair while Mom and I cooked up some stuff for Christmas night at Aunt Ione & Uncle Ron's.  I made green bean casserole from scratch...soooooo yummy!  Mom made a broccoli/corn casserole and we tagged teamed with her rice dish and even Amber helped with the artichoke parmesan dip.  Then we dressed up a bit and headed to Aaron's families extended family Christmas.  We stayed for about an hour and headed to Aunt Ione & Uncle Ron's.  Halle did not like all the traveling around and every time she woke up she was in a different house...that didn't go very good either!  Next time, we won't be doing so much of's not good for her! was fun!  The day after Christmas we spent most of the day at Aaron's brother's house with all of our family....the kids had so much fun opening gifts and we enjoyed yet ANOTHER yummy meal!  That takes us to Saturday...we so enjoyed brunch with our dear friends Kyle & Angela and their kiddos, Conner & Sydney...and even Kristin came...we hadn't seen her in FOREVER!  I hope we do this again soon!!  We visited with Grandma Carla in Bellingham at the Care Center Saturday afternoon and came home for a quick nap and were off to the Reimer's for pizza and fun!!  That about sums up our Christmas...we were sad that due to the snow our Christmas Eve service was year.  We are ready to begin 2009 with lots more memories...we started that out with New Year's Day at Jeremy & Heather', fun and more fun....we hope your holiday was as special as our's......