Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Florence...NOT Italy!

Well....on this past Thursday Aaron and left work early to travel to our dear friends, Josh & Dena's house. We spent an evening catching up with them all and meeting the new member of their family "Shadow"...check Dena's blog for more information and pictures. Then on friday morning we headed to Florence, OR to going camping!!! HOOOORAAAYYY!! This is a long drive, but...so worth it. We took the scenic route which I love, love, love and stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for yummy ice cream and cheeses!! My favorite! We met Dena's Mom & Dad and Grandma & Grandpa & her Uncle Ken (Pops). We played games, relaxed and had some great food. YUMMY....grilled peaches with Tillamook Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream! What a treat. Thanks Aaron for grilling those...you did a great job! Alas, we didn't take any pictures...for the trip in picture review....check Dena's blog! We are so going to do this again next year..maybe a little bit closer to Washington!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryceton!

Transformers lunch box...watch out...Kai might like that too!!! 

SWEET Lego ice cream cake

Happy Birthday Bryceton!  We celebrated Bryce's birthday on July 19.  I missed out since I was at work, but...Uncle Aaron took over picture duty.  Thanks!!  Bryce had a lego themed birthday party complete with a green "lego" ice cream cake!  SWEET!!!  Bryce is the oldest of the Benner grandkids and he takes his job seriously.  And might I add, he does a super job of it!!  What a sweet boy he is, both Aaron and I are so proud to call him our nephew.  He like to play sports and takes drum lessons.....and loves to play with legos and Uncle Aaron's Transformers!  Who saves all their Transformers from childhood?  That would be my husband...and we're so glad he did.  So are the boys!!  Bryceton, we hope your year is filled with wonder and amazement...we pray you strive to be the boy Jesus has called you to be.  That you will learn lots in school this year and meet new friends...we love you Bryceton Robert....Happy Birthday!!!  

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adoption Update --

Thank you Jesus!!! JoAnn came to our house today for our home visit....our home study is officially over.  Now the hard work comes for JoAnn.  She has to write up the home study.  And...I have to finish our album to send off the agency along with a "Dear Birthmother" letter.  Just what do you say to the birthmother of your future child?  How could you ever put into words how we will feel when we see our child.  Ok, this is seriously making me cry.  SHOOT!!!  We are definitely praying about that.  We are getting super excited and little nervous, sometimes scared.  WOW!  This is really happening.  When I asked Margaret at the agency about the timeline this is how she responded:  You are moving along quite well! I am glad. We have a number of babies due who are bi-racial or full African American. You must remember when I say this that birth mothers come and go out of our program, so there is never a guarantee, but be prepared as soon as I receive your study, profile and album. I will need the latter for the birth mother to see when she is selecting.   So we are going to try and be prepared whatever that might be.  Keep praying for us..........

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July -- Taylor Style

Poor Hudson...he's not a birdy!!

The Wagon of Fun!!!  Check out all those fireworks....Sean you ROCK!!!

Pearl and Darla...they were having a parade for all of us adults!
John taking a turn on the big wheel...doesn't that look like fun???

What's up there buddy?  Hudson just sat on his John Deere for a long time that night!

So....long time no post on here....we've been busy.  More on that later.  So....here's our 4th of July in picture review!!  We enjoyed another 4th at our dear friends Sean & Shilo and their so cute kids Darla, Hudson & new baby Everett!  We love you guys and are so thankful for you all and your friendship....we'll see you next year!!!