Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--OOOOHHHH NICE!

The things kids say....

Our friends have just begun the processing of adopting...they are at the very beginning...deciding which agency, from where and all that good stuff. They recently moved from the town near us to about 1 hour we haven't seen them in about a month. I received this message on Facebook from her and I just had to share it with you all......they have three kids and this is the conversation she was having with her two oldest the other day. I should probably tell you that they LOVE Halle and through our WHOLE journey of adoption they were praying for us and we knew it....we love this family so much!!!

I just had to tell you that as we've been looking at adoption agencies & discussing things, we haven't said much to our kids- knowing that it will be a long time before we would actually have a kiddo to bring home.

However, when the kids and I were talking about the difference between a baby growing in a mom's belly and getting to be a forever mom to a baby who grew in someone else's belly. I gave some examples of people we know who have adopted.

H's eyes got huge and he yelled, "Me want Halle! Me want baby Halle in our family!"
I explained that Halle already has a forever mom and dad. The disappointment was heartbreaking.
Then he said, "Me have lots of Halles?"
I said, "Do you mean that you want a baby like Halle? Smiley with brown skin and curly hair?"
He nodded "Lots and lots of baby Halles, Mom!"

I knew you'd appreciate that...I have a feeling if we have any more white babies our kids might be bummed :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our TEXAS Adoption Journey - Part 1

It's time...time for all you to hear our story of Halle Grace Benner. This story began a VERY LONG time ago....about four years ago really. Aaron and I had been trying to have a wasn't working and we were sad, disappointed and just plain mad about it all. BUT, before Aaron and I even were engaged we had talked about adoption. I have two cousins that are adopted, Aaron's Auntie Joy had given up a child (Sandy) for adoption...she is now a very important part of our family. AND...our dear friend Dena chose life for her daughter, Julia, when she chose adoption. So, adoption was not foreign to us. And I had already had many issues with my cycle and just had this "feeling' things might not be that easy. It was easy for us, choosing adoption that it is. It seemed natural. So, we set out to adopt. We did some research on adoption and as a lot of you may was thoroughly overwhelming. Not an easy task. Along came "HIS Kids, Our Homes". This is an organization started by some dear friends of our's, Dave & Carrie Blaske. They attend our church and we are now in a small group with them. HIS Kids Our Homes was started to partner along side families in our community that are needing information about adoption & fostering. They also provide so much support to the families...even if it's just a kind word, hug or sweet note. Through HIS Kids Our Homes we met our amazingly wonderful social worker, JoAnn. She is the very best!! I'm not just saying that either. We truly loved working with her. When we met JoAnn we had just finished filling out our "pre" application for Christian Homes. We chose this agency because of our dear friends the "Thompson's". Dan and Cris have three African American children they adopted through domestic adoption. Their youngest, Ezekiel, was adopted through Christian Homes. We hadn't even been approved to begin the process. Here started our journey. We were approved and began filling out what seemed like MOUNTAINS of paperwork. Both Aaron and I procrastinate....I know, it's not a good quality to have,'s true. So, finally, one Sunday I just sat down at the kitchen table and began filling it all out. A lot of it was easy...initial here, fill in this blank. BUT...then we got to the hard stuff...the dreaded autobiography...we had one to fill out for JoAnn and one for Christian Homes. We did not want to mess up on this one. This is what the birth mother would read and through this she would choose us. WOW...that was some task. YES, we saved copies of EVERYTHING! In fact, we have everything scanned on our computer. On September 5, 2008 we were officially approved for the adoption. The agency had received all the necessary paperwork and reports. Our adoptive study had been completed and final approval was given for our family to adopt through Christian Homes. Such a milestone of this journey. AND...then on November 13, 2008 we received the "call" from Bob at Christian Homes. You can imagine my excitement when I looked at my cell phone buzzing at work and saw "Texas" on the caller ID. At the time I certainly didn't know very many people in Texas that would be calling me. It was the "call" we'd been waiting and longing for.....after than initial conversation with Bob I had to call Aaron which I did immediately. I think he almost dropped his phone. We planned a phone meeting at his work in about a 1/2 hour. After the second phone call we knew....Halle Grace was to be our daughter. This is the very first picture we received of her. Seriously, who couldn't love this little girl????

These pictures followed from her Foster Family.............................we LOVE them!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun with Halle...

Because my posting has been SLACKING lately...I thought I'd share with you what's been happening around our PICTURES!! Enjoy!

This is Daddy & Halle...she LOVES it when he plays his guitar...and frankly, who doesn't??
A WHOLE lot of mess...this is "Halle's" cupboard in the kitchen....
And...when she tires of that...she goes to another one...she needed a BIGGER teether!
Mommy & Halle...sporting her mousie towel for Mor Mor!
YUM-O....Mango Pomegranate fruit bar....what a great treat!!