Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day....

from Halle Grace....what a difference a year makes.....
Last year...same hair bows.....same little brown girl....

This year...more hair....same hairbows.....lots of smiles!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Girl...

Here's me and my girl Hal. Can I tell you how much I love her? She's wondering why her Mommy is telling her to smile while she's holding the camera with her other hand and taking the picture. We had some fun in our dooh-rags while Daddy was at church tonight....Mommy didn't feel like doing her hair and Hal wanted a *hat* like Mommy. So, it's a good thing I have a somewhat *large* supply of handkerchiefs on hand at our house. When I take pictures with our little brown girl I also notice how incredibly WHITE I am. I LOVE the contrast. Halle will be 17 months old on February 26. I can not believe this.....Here are some of the things she is doing:

You still sleep from 7:30pm until 7:30am
You LOVE your binky and blankie
Reading books tops the list of your favorite things to do
You love to watch "The Backyardigan's" & "My Friends Tigger & Pooh", but...recently..."Veggie Tales" is your MOST favorite
You have *almost* TWELVE teeth
You say so many words: Daddy, Mommy, TiTi (for Auntie Amber), Nana, Papa, binky, blankie, car, dog, kitty, milk, cracker, ducky, ball, waaie (for water), cookie, cheese, peaches, Kristi, Kai, Bryce, Jess...and the list goes on.......
You LOVE to dance....seriously, this kid can GROOVE!
This week you discovered Mommy & Daddy's legs give GREAT horsie're all over that!
You are BIG less than ten times a day we have to tell you to get down and sit on your think chairs, couches and tables are made for climbing!!
You love when Mommy & Daddy sing to you.
Your THREE favorite things to eat are: cheese, milk & peaches (thank goodness! you aren't eating too well these days...we can't wait for ALL your teeth to come in)
You learned how to say "no" last week...we knew it was's pretty cute to listen to you say in your little voice, "Halle...NO, NO, NO"...she leaves the H off her name and it sounds like Allie, but...we know what she means.
You also will praise yourself for doing well by saying "Good Girl" just like Mommy, Daddy and Auntie do.
You Halle Grace bring your Mommy & Daddy such joy!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tim Tebow

I really wish I could get this video on my blog, but I'm having troubles finding a way to upload it. We don't watch sports at our house...I know, I husband is a gear head, not a sports fanatic. I love him EXACTLY the way he is. That being said, I had heard about the Tim Tebow spots during the Superbowl, but...we didn't watch the Superbowl (just a few plays here and there and some of "The Who") and I really wanted to see them. Today on Facebook someone posted this it...and be blessed! You can also view the Superbowl spots on the Focus on the Family website.

Funny Faces

HEHEHEHE! Isn't she fun? We sure think so....and she's very, very SILLY!