Friday, August 28, 2009


I actually can't believe that at this time last week we were in our car traveling to Billings, Montana. WOW!! What a loooooonnnnngggg trip. We left our house last Thursday at 4:45am. YEP...that is mighty early. I scooped Hal up from her crib while she was still sleeping...she woke up when I put her in her car seat, but...fell back asleep. Halle was such a super duper trooper. We drove to Missoula that first day and had many stops along the way. That was a good thing...both Hal & Mommy & Daddy needed to stretch and get our of their seats. Can I just say hotels are EXPENSIVE. Even not so nice ones. We are very fortunate that Aaron's Auntie Joy works for the Marriott and we are able to receive a "Friends & Family" discount. BUT...not all towns have a Marriott and sometimes, because of availability, they can't offer that discount. SO...all that being said, we were not able to stay in a Marriott that first night in Missoula. We stayed at the "Days Inn" in downtown Missoula. I warn you all.....NEVER EVER stay there. It reeked...of must and mold and our dear sweet daughter woke up with a barky cough in the middle of the night because of the must and mold. Not to mention the fact that there was NO parking and a really nasty lady reeking of alcohol, came up to Halle and touched her while I was holding her.....SHEESH! AND...continental breakfast, my was NOT! We were very glad when we could leave that place and head to Billings to meet up with the rest of Aaron's family. His sister, Heather, was getting married on Saturday in Billings. I think I need to mention part of our drive....through Bozeman to Billings. It was raining....SUPER HARD....I was driving at that time and could not even hear Aaron talking to me in the car. Not my idea of fun. I was praying hard as my wipers were swooshing ever so quickly...the fastest they would go. We arrived in Billings around dinner time and were whisked away to visit with the Hirschi's (Shaun's family, Heather's now husband) at their house.....and eat some yummy dinner. We got back to our hotel in time to relax a little by the pool before Miss Halle needed to lay down for the night. Thanks so much Auntie Joy....this hotel was not lacking and it was beautiful and had everything the "Days Inn" didn't. "Residence Inn-Marriott"....was the best! A full breakfast buffet in the morning with an eating area. We shared a suite with Aaron's sister, Andrea her husband Guy, and their two boys, Bryceton & Kai. It was a lot of fun! We really enjoyed sharing that time with them. Hal goes to their house every Thursday and she loves her Auntie, Uncle & those silly cousins....that was very evident!! Heather and Shaun were married on Saturday....that's about all I have to say about that. By 10:30pm we were ready to get Halle back to her bed...she was 3 hours passed her bedtime and we were all cranky and tired. We stayed in Billings until Tuesday morning and then made our way back to Washington, slowly. We stayed with my favorite Youth Pastor and his wife, Lowell & Tami Hochhalter, in Missoula on Tuesday night. We had so much fun catching up with Lowell, Tami, Courtney, Carson, Lacey & Allie. We had yummy ice cream with fresh huckleberries. YUM-O! AND...Lacey & Allie fought over Halle. I loved that!! AND them....I babysat for Courtney & Carson when they were little so, this was so much fun for me!! Wednesday we spent some time with Lowell, Lacey & Allie before we left fo Spokane. Upon a recommendation from Lowell, we stopped off in Alberton, Mt at this so cool used bookstore that has over 100,000 used books. They are all stuffed into a small space, but...I had so much fun. AND...bought 4 books for $14. I needed more reading material for the car ride. Lunch that day was at Silver Dollar City it was so yummy. We checked into our hotel in Spokane in time to take Hal swimming for the very first time. She LOVED it, did take her awhile to get to that point. Dinner that night was at the "Old Spaghetti Factory" one of my favorite places. I was disappointed...the service stunk and we had to wait for 1/2 hour to get our table. Not to mention the fact that I ordered WHOLE WHEAT spaghetti with my white clam sauce and didn't get it. Guess what?? We got my meal for free! AND...Hal loved the spaghetti with brown butter & mizithra cheese. On Thursday we spent some quality time with Aaron's Great Uncle Merle & Great Aunt Joanne. Can I tell you how much we love these people? Merle is Aaron's Grandpa Craner's brother...we miss Grandpa and Uncle Merle is a lot like him, so we treasure the time we get to spend with these two. We had a great time visiting and Uncle Merle made Miss Halle the sweetest little chair that says "Jesus loves Halle" on it. How cute is that?? She really likes it too! We were able to surprise Cousin Nancy & her husband Terry who were bringing their daughter, Joy to school at Eastern by stopping by and inviting them all to eat with us. Dinner was at "Zips" drive-in, courtesy of Uncle Merle. Such a good choice...the milkshakes were so yummy!! The night was not finished so we headed back to Merle & Joanne's for some more visiting. This is becoming an EXTRA long post, sorry about that. On Friday we arrived in Wenatchee for Aarons' friend Bob's wedding to his sweet bride Jessica. Yep, another Jess in our lives. We so loved spending time with Bob, Jess & their son Micah. BONUS....Josh was also in the wedding so, he, Dena & the kids were there too. Jess' family showed us wonderful hospitality and kindness and Bob could not have picked a better family to be a part of. This family loves the Lord with passion and it is evident. I so love seeing this in people!! Saturday was the wedding and it was wonderful. They could not have chosen a better location for an outdoor wedding. It was in the backyard of some good friends of their's in Monitor, WA. The river was flowing behind the bride and groom. Very appropriate for them and so peaceful and cool for all us! My husband looked so handsome in his chocolate brown slacks, white button down shirt & TIE....yep, if you know Aaron you'll hardly believe it!! Sunday Jess' family, The Flick's, provided a WONDERFUL brunch for the wedding party and we headed home after that. We tried to make it quick, but...did stop for a box of peaches and some nectarines on the way home....and ice cream at DQ...Hal loves ice cream too! Here are some of my favorite pictures I may add more in another post! ENJOY!
Mommy & Hal enjoying a breakfast burrito on the pass
Sleeping Beauty...she did A LOT of this
Daddy & Hal...reading a book during our lunch break
Getting pretty for Auntie Heather's wedding
Smiles for Uncle Aaron
Shopping at Cabelas, in Billings, MT
Isaac & Halle, sharing a moment and Puffs!
So cute!
Halle with Jess' nose!
My Handsome Hubby & our sweet daughter...note the tie!
Halle...all tuckered out after Bob & Jess' wedding!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--Look at Me!

Home Sweet Home

We got home on Sunday after being gone for TEN days...that's A LOT...especially with an almost 11 month old daughter who is ALWAYS on the go. So, I've been thinking about our home and what I appreciate about's my list in no particular order:
Two-ply Charmin toilet paper
Two bathrooms
The yummy smell of candles burning....
We each have our own bedroom & separate living areas
My fridge is there whenever I need it
The washing machine and dryer...they have been used A LOT over the last three days
Our computer
The cozy, at home feeling I get here
The paint colors we've chosen.....
My husband and daughter being here with me...'s so GOOD to be if we just lived a little closer to where we really want to be! Patience is a virtue....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


PHEW!! We are leaving tomorrow for Montana....Aaron's sister, Heather, is getting married on Saturday and we are making a road trip out of it. We won't be back until August 23. We have another wedding to attend on August 22 and Aaron is a Groomsmen in that one. We are visiting friends and family along the way and can't wait to spend some time together without all our chores looming over us!! We'll have pictures when we get back.............