Tuesday, September 16, 2014


When I was a young girl attending High School in Lynden I never imagined I would be 39, married with two adopted children living in Sumas.  See, that wasn't my plan, but without a shadow of a doubt that was HIS plan.  Our Jesus has a way of doing that.  While in High School I went on a couple short term mission trips where I learned that not everyone lives the way we all did in Lynden.  Houses were shacks, floors were dirt and you couldn't even flush the toilet in some places.  The water stank of sulfur and we showered in our bathing suits on a cement slab with a garden hose.  I was a long way from home, but I loved every minute of it.  Plus, let's be honest I got my first ever real tan, that's rare for this redhead.

It's super easy for us to take all we have for granted.  I've been thinking about that lately.  You see, we live in a small condo with our two girls and all our stuff.  We do not have much more than a square patio for our outside area and the parking lot.  We are full to the gills.  That's speaking kindly.  My house is cluttered with baby toys, blankets, dishes and all we use to live in our space. That's right, we live here.  It is our place.  Ours.  I've learned that being content with what God has given you is so important.  When we moved some 9 years ago, we didn't plan on staying here for this long.  We wanted our daughter to start school in Lynden, but…that's not how it worked. Our Jesus has a plan. Halle loves her school, her Teacher and her friends.  She loves walking there each morning and riding the bus to her friends one day a week.  And you know what?  I love it too.

I think it's important to remember that your house, your car, your town and your money do not define you and make you who you are.  Your identity should be found in our Jesus.  He is the true "giver of life".  So, my house maybe small, cluttered and "in the boonies", we may not live in what some people call the "best" town, but…our Jesus placed us here for a reason.

**We snuck in while they were building our house and placed this over the door.  It's hidden, but…we know it's there**

Thursday, August 7, 2014

More of our journey with Lucy

I shared with you all how Lucy was placed in a foster home for two nights with the Blake family. While we were in Abilene they invited us over to share a dinner with them.  What a joy that was. CV and Shelly got to share their hearts with us and we got to share our lives with them.  This family has two grown children (and two super cute Grandkids!) and lovingly welcomes littles into their Foster Home.  The first five foster children they had in their home were boys and…they all attended their daughter's wedding a few years ago.  I saw that picture on the coffee table in their home and thought it was familiar to me.  YES.  It was on the cover of our Agency's news letter. They showed us an extra room in their house which holds 8X10 photos of all their foster children, with the name they gave them (alphabetical, named after cities and counties in Texas) and a ceramic plaque with both their feet and hand print that CV had made for each of them.  A large bulletin board is there as well, filled with cards, pictures and anything else they have received from their littles. We could not have asked for a better place for little Lucy.  HIS handprints were all over this.  Do you want to hear more??  Lucy was born on her Uncle Brian's birthday and was placed with us on Kiana the Great's Gotcha Day.  She was due on the very same day as her big brother Elliott.  Becca, our Social Worker from Christian Homes attends the very same church as our good friends, The Andrew's….and she works with Kristi every single Wednesday night at the mid-week service.

Friends, never doubt that Jesus has HIS hands in every.single.thing. you do.  When we told Christian Homes that we would be willing to be placed with a baby that the Birth Mother wanted to see in person each year we stepped out in faith and trusted that Jesus had our best interest at heart.  We knew that if it was supposed to happen our Jesus would work it all out, the money for visits, the timing everything. Lucy's whole adoption has been covered repeatedly in prayer.  Many family and church members (they are also our family) prayed fervently for her little life.  My husband wept tears in the rocking chair in her nursery.  One of good friends had a prophetic dream about her life.  This was meant to be.  We have received an outpouring of funds to cover her adoption and feel so very blessed by all of it.  Our Jesus has an incredible plan for our Lucy Faith.  Sometimes all you need to do is jump and trust.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lucy Faith

Last I left you all I was sad, broken and frustrated.  But, never fear my friends.  Our Jesus is ever faithful and He works in miracles and so many cool, amazing ways.  One day after I posted that last message we received a phone call from our social worker in Texas…I missed the call, but the message went something like this, "It's Becca from Christian Homes….she signed the papers. Just wondering when you'd like to come pick up your baby!"  Needless to say, the wedding we had been super excited to attend (We love you Jason, Karm & Kenz!) was quickly forgotten and I rushed first back to my work to share the news and let them know I would not be in on Monday. On the way home I called Aaron repeatedly, but…he was at an appointment and I had to leave a message.  I called everyone I knew and shared our incredible joy, Lucy Faith was coming home to her Forever Family.  We packed our bags that night and Daddy booked us a flight for the next day…destination TEXAS, to meet our sweet girl.  Big Sister Halle was super duper excited to fly on an airplane for the first time she remembered.  Our Halle girl is a so hard to wake up in the morning, let me say, this was one of the first times she jumped up out of bed quickly!

Lucy had been placed in a temporary foster home the day her Birth Mommy signed the papers. A home filled with love and grace and such incredible Godly people.  Just a little background on this.  Just days before I had been texting with my friend Kristi, who lives in Abilene and welcomed us gladly into house for a week, she mentioned the Blake's to me and said if Lucy's Birth Mommy ended up placing her see if she could be placed with this family until we arrived.  Guess what? When we arrived in Texas I got a text from an unknown number.  It was Lucy's Foster Mom. Yep. It was the Blake's.  Our Jesus knew. More on this incredible family later.  And more on our journey with Lucy.  Her sweet Birth Mommy & brother DJ, the people we came in contact with and HIS fingerprints which were all over this.

We can not post pictures of our Lucy until her adoption is finalized.  For now, you may see a lot of her hands and feet.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


We're broken.  Sad. Angry. Confused.  And so many more other feelings.  It was on February 3 that I received an e-mail from our Adoption Agency asking if we would allow our profile to be shown to a prospective match.  I nearly drove off the road when I saw it. For the record, I was driving, but only glanced at it and read the rest later when I arrived at my destination.  Aaron and I talked it over and agreed we were more than ok with the stipulations that Birth Mother has requested.  We knew that if our Jesus was in this He would allow ALL of it to come to fruition.  I e-mailed back the agency and we began praying.  That if it was His will the Birth Mother would choose us.  If not, that the perfect family would be chosen for this baby who was already growing in our hearts.  A week later I came home to another e-mail asking that we call the Agency ASAP.  There was a huge snowstorm going on in Texas and they needed our phone number….I responded with our phone number and moments later, my phone rang.  We confirmed a phone meeting the next day to have the Birth Mother "presented" to us.  This is where they read history to you about said Birth Mother. We, of course, were more than excited. The next day Aaron and I meant at his work and listened intently as they presented this precious Birth Mother to us.  Her story, so unlike Halle's.  We fell in love with her and the baby girl that was yet to be born.  Maybe I wear my heart on my sleeve.  But, our Jesus' has his fingerprints all over this.  The baby was due on March 6.  Yes, Elliott's original due date.  I had been praying that somehow that would come into the adoption picture.  I wasn't sure what it would look like, but…it was going to be there.  It would be our sign, from Jesus.  Not only that, but said Birth Mother has a 15 month old son who was living with her in the Maternity Apartments at our Agency.  At Christmas the Agency had posted on FB asking if anyone would like to purchase toys for children living in these apartments.  I quickly answered yes and was matched with a one year old boy.  Yes, that was her son.  He received a Christmas present from us.  Two days later I had a short 15 minute conversation with Birth Mom and felt as though I could just sit down and chat with her…I was encouraged and excited to meet this Woman in person when our sweet baby girl was born.  A few bumps in the road came after…..Birth Mom was out of contact with the agency for a few days, we fretted, prayed and worked through it.  She arrived back to the Agency and three days later I received the phone call that she was in labor, but…was not sure she could follow through with the adoption.  My heart stopped.

Now, it's three days later.  Baby Girl has been born and she is with her Birth Mom, who has nothing.  No home of her own, no family, no money and I'm assuming no clothes or necessary things to take care of this sweet girl.  I'm broken.  And at first I was MAD.  So stinkin' mad.  Even at Jesus.  I'm going to say it and be honest.  I know that's not how I'm supposed to feel.  Trust me.  I've made it through three miscarriages, infertility, the death of my Dad and son and bouts with anxiety and depression.  I know how to persevere.  I know what it means to press in and give to Him.  I know how to pray and intercede.  I know without a shadow of a doubt our Jesus is in control.  But, then I was not having it.  Even now, I'm struggling.  This to me seems like the hardest thing I have been through.  I was laying in bed last night wondering why??  I didn't even feel this way when we lost Elliott.  It hit me then.  I was going to see Elliott again.  I will see my Dad again and all three of my babies in Heaven.  I do not know if I will ever see this sweet baby girl that was to be our Lucy Faith.  Her clothes are washed and ready for her, the tiny diapers and socks.  The "Little Sister" and "Big Sister" shirts.  It's all so confusing. So we wait yet again.  The Birth Mom decided she would like to try parenting this sweet girl for two weeks.  All you parents out there know the first two weeks are the hardest.  I'm not sure how to pray and Aaron and I both feel defeated.  So, we're asking that you pray for us.  And would you please pray for our Halle?  She's confused too and I'm realizing we need to be careful what we say about this situation.  We want her to understand the the Birth Mother is making poor choices. That she doesn't know what is best.  I have had to explain this again this morning.  My anger has made it's way into Halle and I don't want that to keep happening.  Please, please pray for this sweet baby girl that will not have a future without her forever family.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Use ME

Yesterday while I was in the shower, I was praying.  Just a simple prayer.  "Lord, use me". Whatever that looks like, I want to be used for your glory.  I want to be a friend to people who may not have too many, I want to share my testimony of infertility, of loss and more importantly, of HIS faithfulness.  I want to learn more about Him.  I was thinking more about this as I drove home from a massage last night.  I was super sore, but...feeling blessed.  Sometimes, it's the little things.  It may be just listening while your co-worker shares with you struggles she is facing....or choosing to go out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone you don't know.  I've learned that listening to my Jesus is SO important and really so easy.  Friends, Jesus gives me strength.  Without him I would be a puddle, literally, a dirty mud puddle on the ground.  He was the one who picked me up and sustained me through infertility, the loss of my Dad and four babies.  He is still carrying me and will all the days of my life.

September, October and November could well be the most important months of the year for our family.  Halle's birthday is September 26, Elliott's birthday is October 13, Halle joined our family on November 20, and my Dad passed away on November 25.  Then we have Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Ironically, I love these months.  Through all the heartache.  I feel joy.  Sometimes, I need to choose to feel it, but...it's always there. Would I change the path of the journey I've been on?  Absolutely not.  Would I change the outcome?  Yes.  I would love nothing more than to have my Dad here to see Halle and spend time with her.  To pray me through the loss of Elliott.  I would love to be hugging my son, playing cars with him and teaching him to throw a ball.  To see if he has red hair or brown eyes.  To see if he looks just like his Daddy.  Tomorrow we'll celebrate Elliott's second birthday without him here with us.  We are choosing to celebrate his life.  And more importantly, our Jesus and HIS Faithfulness.

I will sing to the maker of heaven and earth.  God you reign forever and your love will endure. Faithful and true is the name of the Lord.  You are FAITHFUL God!