Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving~

HOORRRAAAAAYYYY!!!  We are home for Thanksgiving...we have so much to be thankful for this season.  This is going to be quick...I need to eat breakfast (we didn't get home until about 1am), shower, bathe Halle and get her ready to meet her Grammie and Auntie Amber.  On this Thanksgiving 2008 we are so overwhelmed with God's love for us, His amazing Grace, our Daughter Halle, our loving families.  We love you all and please stay tuned for the amazing Texas adoption adventure we had!!  And sorry, no pictures....we can't post until the adoption is final...that's 6 months away.  So, we'll look into it and send you pictures via e-mail!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today is the Day!

This has been our theme song through all of this! Lincoln Brewster's..."Today is the Day" Well, today truly is the day. We have an appointment at the agency at 9am....that's in 50 minutes...count them......we will sign paperwork and meet our daughter. Aaron and I enjoyed our day yesterday despite our bright and early flight out of Bellingham. We arrived in Tyler around 6:15pm. BUT...not before sampling "Sonic" before we arrived. AND...last night we enjoyed dinner at Chili's. We decided we would like to open both of these restaurants in Bellingham. Who wants to help us? HEHEHEHE!! Well, I have my tea and I'm going back the room now to pack the diaper bag....the car seat is in the car. is so cold here....35 degrees to be exact!!! I"ll try to keep this updated! Keep praying...we love you all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please pray...

For me...I'm getting rather anxious....I know God is here with me, but...satan is trying to stick his nose in.  I don't like that.....if you get the chance pray for me.....I would reallly appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Ready

Wow!  Yes, I should be in bed!  NO, I'm not.  The washing machine is going and so is the dryer...and Aaron is already in bed asleep.  I can't sleep....I'm waiting until I get really tired.  That should be shortly.  I have washed so many pink pieces of clothing I think I lost count!  I love every single one of them.  The little socks, blankets, onesies and the cutest jeans you have ever seen.  My Mom and sister had a fun day Sunday and spoiled Halle Grace.  She has the cutest red Christmas dress you have ever seen with shoes to match.  We're hoping she can wear it for her dedication as well.  But, Nana might have to make her a little's short-sleeved.  I talked with Halle's foster Mom on Saturday night and loved every minute of getting to know little Halle better.  What bottles she's taking, yes, she has a binky...she spits up a little after feeding and is sleeping pretty well.  Her foster Mom also offered her pack-n-play before I even asked and a little rocker/bouncer type thing that Halle really likes.  We are so grateful for this foster family...they truly love our little Halle.  Please pray for them...I'm sure this is going to be rough.  Tomorrow is a day of errands...haircut for Aaron, pick up prescriptions, buy shampoo....get my red shoes from my Mom (she borrowed them last week), drop off keys to our car and house to My mother-in-law and sister-in-law, pick up video camera....and the list goes on....finish packing is in there somewhere.  Hopefully, we'll get to sleep a little bit.  Our flight leaves at 5:40am.  You may find me here again tomorrow...hopefully, not!  In closing I have to mention the oh-so-cute blanket that Halle got today from her Nana and Auntie Leah.  I love it...and so will she.  It even has a "tickle" edge!!  Blessings....I'm off to bed now!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Daughter!

It is with much joy, and trust me....lots and lots of excitement...and right now tears that I give you all this news. Yesterday at about 11:50am our adoption agency called us with "the call". The call we'd been waiting for...for a very long time. I'm counting all those months, well, actually years of trying to conceive. They all ceased to be when I received this call. We have a baby girl...we have named her Halle Grace. She was born on September 26 in Tyler, TX and from birth has been in a very loving foster home. She weighed 5lbs and was 19" at birth. She's little and oh so cute!!! And...we love her so much fact, I woke up this morning just needing to get up. Trust me that doesn't happen very often. I know that will be changing in the next few days. I needed to come here to the computer and blog about MY DAUGHTER!! All our fears have been put to rest, we'll except packing and doing all of that....what to bring? For me, for her? For Aaron, just kidding...he usually takes care of all of that for me! So many miracles happened for us yesterday. Halle's birthmother wants to meet us and have an open adoption...we are so excited about that. We want to know this incredible woman who sacrificed so much and gave our daughter life. So...we will most likely leave on November 19. I know...that's soon....but of course, nothing will seem soon enough. My heart just ached this morning as I thought about holding her for the first time. What it will feel like...ahhhhh!! I can't wait. More than that, I can't wait to see Aaron holding Halle...I'm sure buckets will be needed for my tears. It's a good thing God takes care of those for me!! We do have a family we can stay with in Texas....praise the Lord. AND...we are actually really looking forward to being there. The agency doesn't require we stay in Tyler which is good...we have always wanted to go to Austin and we'll stay near there. We may be gone over Thanksgiving, but...we'll be here in spirit. And...I just want to say what's really on my heart. My Dad, passed away two years ago on November 25. He would be so excited for us right now and you know what....I think he can see this from heaven he's looking down and saying "Well done, Ape (that's what he called me) made it. You didn't give prayed and had blessed! What great way to remember this time. Now will always remember being with Halle on November 25. So...please continue to pray for this new Mommy & Daddy as they transition to life with a little one. We know everything will work out, but...there are so many details to take care of as we travel, leave know...all that stuff! Pray for the birthmother and the foster family...I'm sure it won't be easy for them to see Halle go! Give us strength and grace. more thing...if you'd like to see a picture of her. Please post your e-mail address in a comment. I can send it to you then. BUT...we can not post it on a blog, facebook or myspace. That's what the agency has asked and we need and want to follow the rules.....
Blessings to all of you from this new family of THREE!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas -- I'm thinking about Christmas and the fact that it's coming right up....sheesh!  Time flys...but, not while you're waiting for a baby...seriously.  We thought we'd have our baby by now, but...God hasn't found the right one for us yet.  So, we prepare for the holiday season without a little one in the house.  I know we haven't had Thanksgiving yet, and guess what?  I'm really excited about that too!  I love the holidays and spending time with family, eating yummy food and sleeping in...three cheers for all of that!  I have started my Christmas shopping and I'm working on a really fun gift for my Mother-in-Law right now.  She'll love's a joint effort with all her kids and grandkids...super fun.  I have a gift bought for Aaron, my Mom & my sister, Amber.  I'm looking for the perfect Christmas card idea and I'm thinking I'm might just do a picture card this year and not make them.  It's so much work, and really, I'll be spending less money if I do it that way.  But...never fear, I'll include a Christmas letter as well.  So...share with me your thoughts on Christmas and what your family does....I would love to hear!!  

Monday, November 10, 2008


Do you see this?  Something just like this is living RIGHT UNDER our bedroom window!  SO...each night when we go to bed...we hear this big guy calling out to his little lady or maybe it's ladies.  We aren't certain about that!  SHEEESHHH!!!  What we have folks, in Aaron's words, is a bunch of horny toads.  They are so loud on Saturday night they even woke Aaron and I from a sound sleep.  Trust me, that takes a lot. Well...I know that some of you will think we're crazy, but we are still sleeping with our bedroom window cracked.  Really, in all honesty, it's kinda fun to spend the night with the frogs!

Praise you in this storm!

I mentioned that we were starting a new sermon series at church called "Hope and Help for Hard Times".  WOW!  It has blessed me so much already.  This week in particular was pertinent to my life now.  Isn't it the best feeling when you go to church and the message speaks directly to you?  I just love that!!!  Those who know me very well know that I struggle with anxiety and it usually hits me when I'm really stressed out and under pressure.  I don't like this...and unfortunately,  it's an ongoing struggle for me.  God has walked with me through lots of stress and anxiety...HE always wins...HE brings me out of that situation unharmed and so blessed.  When I'm walking through that storm it doesn't feel like that. the end I know God will see me through!  This Sunday we had a video testimony from a woman who was raped and became pregnant at the age of 17.  Sitting next to her in the video was her son who was born from that rape.  She shared how her family and society pressured her to have an abortion, but...she knew that wasn't that answer.  At that time she wasn't a Believer.  Guess who led her to the Lord?  That's right, her son, at the ripe age of 6 led his Mommy (big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes right now) to His Jesus!  WOW!!  Isn't our God good? AND....that son is now an intern at a local church and is going to school to be a Pastor.  God had plans for that life from the beginning....I couldn't help thinking of our baby and how he/she could one day be influential in leading others to Jesus because we will share our Jesus with him/her.  That's what made me cry the most.  God knows who that baby will be....and why it's coming to our family.  As a side note, last Sunday we had a special baptism service...and over 50 people got babptized!!  Praise you Jesus!!  So, this Sunday we sang "Praise you in this Storm" by Casting Crowns and behind the words to the song were pictures of all the people getting cool is that?  I cried and could hardly sing the song.  Most of you probably know this song already, but...I wanted to share.  It really ministers to me and touches my heart.....I'm sure we all have had or are currently in a storm.   

Praise you in this Storm

I was sure by now, God, that You would have reached down 
and wiped our tears away, 
stepped in and saved the day. 
But once again, I say amen 
and it's still raining 
as the thunder rolls 
I barely hear You whisper through the rain, 
"I'm with you"
and as Your mercy falls 
I raise my hands and praise 
the God who gives and takes away. 

And I'll praise you in this storm 
and I will lift my hands 
for You are who You are 
no matter where I am 
and every tear I've cried 
You hold in your hand 
You never left my side 
and though my heart is torn 
I will praise You in this storm 

I remember when I stumbled in the wind 
You heard my cry to You
and raised me up again 
my strength is almost gone how can I carry on 
if I can't find You 
and as the thunder rolls 
I barely hear You whisper through the rain 
"I'm with you"
and as Your mercy falls 
I raise my hands and praise 
the God who gives and takes away 


I lift my eyes onto the hills 
where does my help come from? 
My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth 
I lift my eyes onto the hills 
where does my help come from? 
My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth 


Edited to Add:  Not sure what's going on with my font here...please ignore it...I know I'm trying to!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hello friends and family!  I have added another new button on my left sidebar.  I stumbled across the blog of "Mckmama's" through Angie Smith's  Both of these blogs have really blessed me!  I do not know either of these women, but...we are all believers of our God and we believe HE works in miracles.  Mckmama and her family just received one in the birth of their youngest son, Stellan who they were told would not live outside of the womb.  In fact, they were told he was incompatible with life.  What news to receive as a parent.  Enough said from me.  Click the button and be blessed!  I know I am!!!  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Open House Saturday

My friend Stacy does this from time to time and think it's so, here's what's going on this Saturday.

I'm thankful husband...our small group, they are sweet Jesus.  AND the opportunity to spend time with my nieces and nephews and their parent's last night at the Harvest Carnival.  

I'm listening to...a random mixed MP3 disc in our living the background I hear what sounds like a million little birdies.  I think they've found the bird feeder we put out this morning.  HOORAAAYYY!!!

In the oven...Oatmeal Scotchies.  Requested by my dear husband.  I'm bringing some to the boys working on Dan & Lisa's new house.

What's for dinner tonight....Turkey meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes & green salad.  Good comfort food for this first day of November. 

What I'm looking forward tomorrow, we begin a new sermon series "Hope and Help for Hard times - Finding peace and joy in your pains, problems and pressures" I know I can always use a good reminder for this!  AND...most of all lots of time with Aaron tomorrow.  A lazy Sunday is what we are both craving!!!

What's happening this week....Leah's "At Home America" party, Bunco, Small Group & a shower for my sweet friend Sarah, her husband Todd & their two kiddos, Joshua & Katherine. 

I'm feeling a little under the weather....I think I need to take some Airborne...I certainly don't want the nasty cold that is going around.  I'm so glad to be spending a WHOLE Saturday at home....this is the life!!!! 

James 1:27

We just received an e-mail from Dave & Carrie who head up our HIS Kids Our Homes group at church.  Dave shared an e-newsletter he had received from Steven Curtis Chapman's ministry "Shaohannah's Hope".  Please watch this video and be blessed.....