Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fun with the O's

So....I work three days a week...Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  Let me tell you...on those nights I NEVER know what to cook for dinner..nor do I have the time.  So...I turned to my friend Jess...she has four little kiddos, Jake is almost 9, Savannah is 7 the twins, Honor & Justice are 6 months.  She's a busy lady and I commend her...not only does she stay home with her kids she also home-schools Jake & Savannah.  PLUS...she's always has such yummy meals!!  Halle and I went to visit and eat lunch with them on Wednesday.  We enjoyed hanging out with all of them, exchanged some good crock pot recipes and Jess let me look through this cookbook.  I am so buying it and this one too!! Halle had fun with the boys and Jake & Savannah gave her lots of love and attention!!  Just had to share this photo of Halle and her new best bud, Justice.  They were holding hands while lying together on the floor!  Seriously, this makes a Mommy's heart happy!!!


Denise said...

Hi April.. just wondered what kind of cookbook she had... are you allowed to share? I'm always up for some neat ideas!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had some fun. The picture is so sweet.