Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

My of my favorite pictures.

Halle with her Mac-n-Cheese
I'm sure Daddy loves this picture!
Sticky Finger is next to a Subway...this is in the bathroom!
Daddy & Hal...June 2009

WOW!!! I can not believe we celebrated Father's Day last weekend. Halle is so very blessed to call this man her Daddy. Seriously, he gives the best hugs and kisses EVER....he makes the best pancakes and his BBQ'ing skills beat them all. He loves Halle like no other and if you spend even a little bit of time with the both of them you'll see this immediately. As long as I live I will never forget this moment pictured above. This was the very first time Aaron held little Halle...she looks a little worried here. NOT now...she loves her Daddy...sometimes I think she'd jump out of my arms just to see him. You can't see Aaron's eyes in this picture, but...if you could you would see this sweet, kind-hearted Daddy had been crying. The minute Halle's birth mom walked through the office doors with her the tears began to I'm crying. We celebrated Father's Day with a day out together. But, not before we watched CMT "Crossroads" featuring Taylor Swift & Def Leppard. We went to Daddy's favorite BBQ joint, "Sticky Finger's". Halle LOVED their mac-n-cheese. We ran some quick errands, headed to "Hugo Helmer" to look at guitars and all stuff musical. Halle napped on the way home and we stopped for ice cream at "Baskin Robins". It was such a good's some pictures from our day. Of course, I was thinking of my Dad that day....I missed him. BUT...I knew he was no longer in pain...he was happy and whole and spending the day with his Heavenly Father. That's some Father's Day, don't you think??


Dena said...

I second the Pancakes ARE the best

Dana Lohrer said...

Tears flowing from my eyes!!! Great post! So happy for you and Aaron and the blessing you have received in Baby Halle!!! So glad to see Halle's precious face in the pics, too!!!