Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We got home on Sunday after being gone for TEN days...that's A LOT...especially with an almost 11 month old daughter who is ALWAYS on the go. So, I've been thinking about our home and what I appreciate about's my list in no particular order:
Two-ply Charmin toilet paper
Two bathrooms
The yummy smell of candles burning....
We each have our own bedroom & separate living areas
My fridge is there whenever I need it
The washing machine and dryer...they have been used A LOT over the last three days
Our computer
The cozy, at home feeling I get here
The paint colors we've chosen.....
My husband and daughter being here with me...'s so GOOD to be if we just lived a little closer to where we really want to be! Patience is a virtue....


Dena said...

where you really want to be? where is that? I feel like I know the answer but what I'm thinking is too obvious! ??

His Amazing Grace said...

We would really like to be in Lynden...closer to everything that we do. But...for's Sumas!