Monday, October 12, 2009

Our TEXAS Adoption Journey - Part 2

I had to go back and see where I left off. We had just received the phone call from Christian Homes and received the pictures of OUR daughter...Halle Grace. We made the necessary calls to family members right then and there at Aaron's work. I asked my Mom is she was ready to be a Grandma...she wasn't sure right then, I insisted she better figure it out....she now had a Granddaughter. Aaron's Mom did almost everyone I talked to that I called. I called Miss Dena right away with the news...I knew she would want to know. Those moments I will treasure forever. I love all the enthusiasm we got from each and every person who loves us! I did go back to work that day, but...I don't think I got very much done!! Everyone at work gathered around as I pulled up the picture of our was so cute. We spent the next week preparing to leave for Texas. I washed more pink clothes than I had my WHOLE life. Everyone wanted to shower Halle with gifts. Grammie & Auntie Amber went shopping and bought practically a whole wardrobe. We packed our suitcases and really didn't know how long we would be gone. Aaron could only stay for a week so, we were praying we would be back in a week with Halle. AND...that would be Thanksgiving Day. During this time I contacted a friend of mine, Rachel. A friend I had only met over the internet through an infertility website I have posted on since 2005 when Aaron and I had begun the long journey of trying to conceive. Rachel lives very near Austin, TX and had offered her home for us to stay in. We chatted on the phone and it felt like I had known her FOREVER! If she lived here or I lived there we would so be friends forever!! We took Rachel up on her offer. The plan was this. We would fly into Dallas (we used air miles and could only fly into that airport) to Tyler, stay there for three nights and drive to Austin to stay with Rachel and her family for as long as we needed. Wednesday night before we left neither Aaron nor I could sleep..we were so excited! Our flight left at the crack of dawn...5:40am...but, that didn't matter we were too excited. We arrived at the airport, empty infant car seat in tow, faces aglow. I can not tell you how many people asked about that empty car seat. It was a good lead-in for the story of Halle. Our flight to Texas was uneventful...for that we were glad! We arrived in Dallas and made our way to the rental car counter. Can I just tell you how glad I was to have my husband with me. He is so great with all of this stuff and had it planned out. We finally got our car and began our journey to Tyler...first stop..."Sonic" the time we didn't have one near us and we couldn't wait to experience that. We arrived in Tyler after a small detour. Well, this city has a two *loops* in it...everything is on a loop...kinda confusing, but...we finally found our way to our hotel. A Marriott of course, Residence Inn I think. It had a small sitting area, table & chairs and little kitchen. We we got into the room the "Pack-n-Play" was already set up for little Halle. That night we ate dinner at "Chili's"...that's another place we wished we had here. We just don't have one close enough! Aaron and I immediately noticed the Texas hospitality...we have NOTHING like it here in Washington. I wanted to take our waitress home with us!! HEHEHE! We wanted to get a good night's sleep as the next day we would meet Halle, her Birth Mom & her foster family. How does one prepare for that?? Well, we prayed a lot! AND...I didn't eat much breakfast the next morning...I was way too nervous. I spent time on the Hotel's computer the next morning updating this very blog and my Facebook status....the clock on the computer was wrong and I only had minutes to pack Halle's diaper bag and get to the car....and we were off to the agency to meet Halle Grace.....

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Dena said...

I love how we have our own Halle Story, too. Getting that call. Calling Mor Mor RIGHT AWAY to get the prayers going! ;) We were all so excited!! I remember calling Uncle Josh at work and both of us being so excited and so relieved! (for us) it seemed to all be happening so fast!! THANK GOODNESS!! I love that she was born in Tyler, TX. Or I should say that TYLER loves that she was born in Tyler, TX! :)

We so love being "Uncle" and "Auntie" to Miss Halle!!

I can't believe this was all over a YEAR ago!!!