Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa....or NOT?!

Would you do me a favor?  Read this post.  My friend Dena says this so well.  There is no Santa at our house and he will never be here.  For Christmas is about JESUS!  HIS birth......the wisemen, shepherds, Mary and Joseph....and singing "Away in a Manger".


mary*lynne said...

we have taught our kids the true story of St. Nicholas as well. we have a book & a little video of his real life. I hope to do this with Valentines & St, Patricks day as well. we love bringing real truth & history into every day life & major events. I read a book called Redeeming the Seasons (they also have one called Redeeming Halloween) & love that concept. :) we don't do santa either. but have tried to teach our kids to not tell anyone else if they believe in him. that's their parents jobs, but our kids are so truth bent that they have a hard time letting their friends believe in Santa. ;)

Dana Lohrer said...

We teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas, JESUS!! We have also told our children about the real St. Nicholas and how much he loved Jesus. I agree with Mary Lynne about the other holidays, too. I will look into Redeeming the Seasons. Thank you for mentioning that!!! I want our children to know the TRUTH!!!

Dena said...

wow! thanks Ape!!! Miss you guys TERRIBLY!!!

hugs! Merry Christmas!!