Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hooray for a Sewing Nana!!

Halle has been in her BIG girl twin bed now since the end of October.  She is doing GREAT....and doesn't even need the extra side rail anymore. In the beginning she was using Mommy's old denim duvet cover.  We were waiting for Nana to have some extra time so she could put together a duvet cover for us.  She stopped by last week with this FABULOUS set!  Can I just tell you...she ROCKS her sewing machine.  I provided the striped fabric (two queen flat sheets) and gave her a few ideas of what I would like.  Check out the final results!  It should be noted that Halle LOVES all of fact she laid down on it and exclaimed "PERFECT!!"


All set up on her bed....the headboard and frame were Mommy's...we just gave it a fresh coat of paint.

AND...extra special...Nana made a matching set for her baby "Ruby" & "Chole" can sleep in comfort as well!!

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Anonymous said...

That is very beautiful!!!!!