Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andrade Aamodt Elias

This is our nephew & the newest member of our family born to Aaron's sister Leah & her husband Eddie.....they live far, far away in California so we were so excited when they all came for a family visit last week.  We packed so much time in just being together.  It was so much fun and Halle just LOVES her cousin.  Of course, all of us do as well.  We have lots more pictures....but, I don't want you all to get overloaded with all his baby cuteness...stay tuned for more family fun!!

 This is my favorite picture....look at those eyes!!
 The two Aamodt's: Aaron Aamodt & Andrade Aamodt
 Hmmm...the little brown girl says, "I think I want to touch his hair"....
 Insert binky...touch "Baby Andrade"....ahhhh, so soft!
I think he really wanted Cousin Eden's bunny.....

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