Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Girl

This is my sweet, silly, sassy, sensitive little girl  And her cousin, Sophie.  The is is a rare shot of Halle while she's somewhat still.  That happens never.  Well, almost never.  A few Saturday's ago we celebrated my Grandma Carla's life.  Halle and Sophie's Great Grandma. These two cooked up some trouble, but....mostly fun at the potluck after the service.  When I list the above qualities of Halle, they fit her to a "T"...or should I say "S"??  Either way.  She keeps us moving, disciplining and often times hiding our laughter.  She can be so sassy (I'm sure she did not get that from me!) yet so sensitive.  She is an impeccable judge of what a person is like, even at her young age of 4 1/2. Her Nana mentioned this to me this weekend and I had to agree.  I believe she will hear from Jesus at a young age.  She has learned more about heaven in the last 2 years than I had known by the time I was in my twenties.  It's been a challenge for us lately as Halle repeatedly "misses" her Grampie (My Dad who she never met), Elliott & most recently her Birth Mother.  She is sad when we leave her cousins, Nana & Papa, Aunties, Uncles & Grammie.  On more than one occasion she has been crying over my Dad because he is in heaven.  I know Halle Grace, your Grampie would have LOVED you.  Each time we explain that Grampie is in heaven and that only way to get there is to ask Jesus in your heart to live forever.  I don't think she fully grasps that yet.  But, friends, she will.  This weekend she again exclaimed, "I miss Elliott".  We do too sweet girl!  "He's in my heart"...she said.  I added..."That's right, you can always carry him in your heart!"......with so much sincerity she says "But, I want to carry him in my arms!" I whole heartedly agreed. Then I look at Elliott's picture on our living room wall and again, I'm thankful. For what his life stands for.  For our Jesus who blessed us with that sweet little boy who fit in my hand perfectly. And for his big sister,  Halle Grace and her sweet sensitivity.


Stacy said...

Oh, wow. Your Halle sounds so much like my Adelia. Cutie, SASSY, BUSY girls!

I just finished a post on Adelia's hair-- and it reminded me (again. I keep meaning to ask you!) to ask you what your hair regimen is for Halle's hair. I'm assuming they have similar curls. And I notice that Halle's hair is often worn down (loose)- and I'm wondering how on earth you do that- without it being a super tangly mess the following day?!?! Can you stop by my blog sometime and give me some tips you've learned? I'd love that!



Mama Ds Dozen said...

Hey Friend,

Sarah would love to make a hat for Halle. Will probably go with a Medium (to fit the hair). :)

Just let me know which animal she would like: Bunny, Frog, Mouse, Monkey, Cat, Fox, Pig, Lion.

Sarah is going to be doing a lot of knitting as we head out across the country on a Road Trip.

Hope you all are doing well.

Laurel :)