Friday, September 26, 2014

The BIG Six!!

Today Halle Grace, you turn SIX.  I can hardly believe it.  You, sweet girl, made us a Mommy & Daddy for the first time.  From the time you were placed in your Daddy's arms, we knew you were exactly where you needed to be.  To this day, you are your Daddy's biggest fan.  You fill our lives with laughter, so much laughter.  As you have gotten older you say the most silly things.  And we love to hear them!  You dance like no one is looking and I hope that never, ever changes.  You are embracing Kindergarten and school with vigor.  I love to see you waving to friends when you arrive and your smile as you see them.  This girl is reading.  My goodness. I know I didn't read until I was in first grade.  The other night you read one of your books to Daddy and I and we smiled as we listened to you.  More than anything, we love to hear your grow and learn knew things. This is a JOY to us.  You are fierce and passionate about your little sister.  Oh, I wish I could post some pictures of the two of you together.  You love her like no other and can make her giggle at the drop of a hat.  The smiles she gives you are so sweet and loving.  She knows who you are big Sissy.  Your ear for music is uncanny and hearing you worship our Jesus is one of my very favorite things, ever.  When I can't find you in the house the first place I look is in the garage with your Daddy.  I'm sure you are the only 6 year old girl that put a hole in her Super Hero cape by riding your Daddy's creeper like a skateboard.  I'm surprised we haven't visited the ER yet needing stitches or a cast for broken bones. You have changed the brake pads on the car and helped Daddy with the Bronco.  Thank goodness this year you are starting to try some new foods.  We still struggle to get you to eat.  But, you'd never guess by looking at our tall, healthy, so beautiful girl.  

Halle, we pray this next year brings you closer to Jesus.  That you become more aware of who He is and can be in your life.  That you embrace SIX whole-heartedly.  Fill this year full of memories, learning and loving.  Sing, dance and smile.  Hold your head up high, sweet girl.  Our Jesus made you unique and beautiful and He didn't skip a beat.  We are so thankful for you and the blessing you are in our lives.  

Love you sweet girl, 
Daddy & Mommy


Stephanie Broersma said...

Love the spunk and sass God has blessed our little ladies with as they bring JOY into ours!!!! Happy Birthday Halle!!!!!

uncle Ron said...

Wow! Has little ever grown up & now in school. Where does not time go. She now has a little sister who is also a little cute one. Love you both, Uncle Ron & Aunt Ione.