Saturday, March 29, 2008

Helpful Hints

I've had some interesting things happen lately where I just needed some helpful hints.  My husband, Aaron, is soooooo handy.  He always seems to have just what I need.  Some cases in point....lighter fluid, denatured alcohol, a spare key....and the list goes on.  So...I thought I'd share some of these hints with all of you.

1.  Carry a Tide-to-Go pen in your purse.  This was one of the best stocking stuffers I ever received.  It even took raspberries out of my khaki pants.  I have heard that it isn't good to use on white....some people say it will turn the piece of clothing yellow? I don't know...I honestly can't remember if I've used it on white.  I probably have that's usually when I spill the most!!!!!
***Edited to add***This morning at church we had communion and you guessed it...I got sticky grape juice on the sleeve of my WHITE shirt.  So...I thought I'd test out the pen on white...guess what??  It worked and the grape juice is gone and I don't have yellow mark.  So...I will still use this on white!  HOOORAAAYY!!!

2.  Lighter fluid takes out candle wax.  Interesting you say...well, let me tell you.  The other night in my cold medicine induced coma, I "accidentally" knocked over my tart burner and spilled wax all over my counter, in my coffee mug (weird) and down the front of my brand new sweatshirt.  I was not a happy camper and cleaning all of that up with a cold was NOT fun.  Well...I had used the paper bag and iron you all know that one?  It works great if you get wax on the carpet or even your clothes or my kitchen rug in this case.  You put the paper bag on the wax and use the iron on top...that pulls the wax into your bag....BRILLIANT!  If you don't use a "Yankee Farmhouse Apple" tart.  That left a stain on my sweatshirt.  I thought it was ruined....not so!!!  Aaron to the rescue...."Let's use some lighter fluid, it's a mild solvent".  Let me tell worked like a charm.  Who would have thought!!

3.  Denatured Alcohol (whatever that is...apparently you can't drink it, duh) will remove hairspray. I don't have BIG hair, but...I do use hairspray.  I had a pretty good layer going on my towel bar...GROSS!!  So, I was trying to clean it to no avail...even the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser wasn't working and I had tried lighter fluid, Aaron to the rescue yet again....Denatured Alcohol did the trick.  I love it!!!  

4.  OxyClean does wonders to your tennis shoes. my sister, Amber, always has the whitest, brightest Nikes around.  HOW??  Just wash them in the washing machine with OxyClean in your load.  So, I did just that the other Nikes are as good as new and I'll be the talk of the town.  

5.  Spare car key.'s the deal.  My Mom, sister and I went to Lincoln City, OR a few weeks ago for a long weekend.  It was so much fun!!!  Pictures to come later.  We took our car and Aaron the ever thoughtful, always careful, husband of mine decided I needed a spare car key.  Now...we have a clicker/opener thing so I usually use that and have yet to lock myself out of the car.  If I did Aaron is a locksmith, so...he would usually be nearby.  But..Oregon is a ways away and Mom and Amber depended on me so....a spare key it was...hidden in a place in my wallet.  Very good idea are so good to me!!

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