Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thoughts on Mother's Day....a few days late

Well...Mother's Day has now come and gone.  It was this weekend.  Ever since, our first miscarriage which happened on Mother's Day weekend,  I have not attended a Mother's Day service at our church.  This year was not an exception.  I went to church to work in the toddler nursery and Aaron sat in the service with his Mom.  Last year, we went to church with my Mom.  After reading the blogs of many of my friends who have gone through infertility...I cried.  My friend Stacy probably said it best in her blog.  She remembered sitting in service after Mother's Day service, longing to be a Mother.  That's me....if I have to be the only person sitting down AGAIN when they ask all the Mother's to stand up...I think I would burst into tears.  I long for the time when I am no longer helping THIRTEEN toddlers make Mother's Day cards, but...MY toddler is making ME a Mother's Day card.  I don't have a stainless steel fridge and frankly, I can't wait to cover it with artwork from my son or daughter.  Bring it on!!  That all being said I want to say thank you Mom....thank you for raising me the way you have!  I would not be the Woman of God I am today had it not been for your example.  Thank you for being my MOM!  The above picture is at my Grandma Rose's house...sorry Amber, I had to use the one with the roller in your hair.  To my Mother-in-Law...thank you for raising such a Godly son.  One who loves me for who I am with my flaws.  One who respects me and the women in his life...including his three sisters.  Thank you to my Sister-in-Law, Andrea....for continuing to raise our nephews the way she is.  She is doing an incredible job and God will honor that.  My thoughts turn toward the future birthmother of our child.  We pray you are being blessed today and everyday wherever you are.  We praise Jesus now for the gift you will be giving us in the future.


The Beynon Family said...

April: When I first read this post, my heart broke for you, but then I went back and re read it and realized what a wonderful person you are and what a testimony you have been to me and everyone else who reads your blog. Your continuued faith in God, despite disappointments and tears is amazing! He will bless you and you will have a fridge covered in Mother's Day cards. Love you!!

Stacy said...

(((big hugs))), friend!

I know God will grant you the desires of your heart. He's faithful that way... :)


Dena said...


you had me at "well..."

it's hard not to read your post and feel a bit guilty that i so often take my three kids, and the ability to have kids, for grandted.

thank you SO much for the sobering post.

your heart shows in every word. and i love that.

i can't wait to love on YOUR kids the way you love on ours.


Dena said...

I think you're going to need a bigger fridge. :)


Dena said...

I just had a crazy deja vu.

I was on my friend Jodi's page and saw a comment from Stacy. And then came over here and saw....a comment from Stacy.

Stacy--how is it you know two of my favorite people? And how is it we've never met?

Sorry Ape for taking up precious commenting space. ;)


The Benners said...

Dena -- I had already made the connection and was wondering why I had never met Jody?? hehehe......