Thursday, May 15, 2008

A weekend with the Dunn's

PHEW!!!  The first weekend in May my good friend Dena asked if we could watch her three kiddos.  SURE!!  We always like having Tyler, Jess & Isaac and this would give Mom a chance to do girl things all on her own without having to worry about the kids.  They arrived just in time for dinner on friday night and ate lasagna with us while Mom went off to the first session of her women's conference.  Immediately I was struck by Jess' sparkle shoes.  Let me tell you a little bit about this little girl.  She would be a princess if she could....she ALWAYS wears dresses and usually will be found wearing her princess crown.  She even brought her Snow White dress-up dress with her.  I think she would wear it to church if Dena would let her.  She is strong-willed, oh my, she is strong-willed.  I tried doing her hair she wasn't having it.  That wasn't what she wanted.  Wow!  I commend Dena and Josh on parenting this future Woman of God.  I'm confident she will turn out to be a true jewel.  And...just like her Mom, her Prince Charming will come.  I'm sure she can't wait to wear the wedding dress!!  Dena attended more of her conference on Saturday and went to a Birthmother's Luncheon at Bethany Christian Services.  Yes, she is a birthmother who has chosen to give her daughter, Julia, life with a family who otherwise would not have been able to have a child.  I applaud her for that and someday, in the near future, I will dedicate a post all to her, Dena that is.  Saturday the kids had lots of fun....they loved Photo Booth on our computer.  Especially Tyler.  He would have spent hours on here making all sorts of silly photos.  Don't worry, we didn't let him stay on that long.  Jess and I ran to the store and she got a treat at the coffee stand a yummy raspberry italian soda.  Tyler was jealous when we got home.  We made of course.  And you'll see some of her attitude and sass in the cooking picture.  She was a little "put-out" that I didn't have an apron for her...she has one at home.  She and Tyler played for quite awhile together with the you see her princess crown???  And then she played for another hour by herself.  Aaron and I think she may have a cooking show someday.  She was carrying on her own commentary while "cooking" strawberry pudding.  Isaac kept himself busy with Aaron and enjoyed "working" on Aaron's Mustang. HEHEHE!! may have a Mustang lover yet on your hands. We got to try out lots of our baby stuff, the crib, lots of toys and our high chair.  What fun!!!  And...we learned what it's like to have three kids.  Not so sure three would be a good number for us.  Two would be good.....we all went to church on Sunday.  HOOORAAAYYY!!!  Our greatest joy when visiting the Dunn's is the opportunity to visit their church, which we love., they got to come to church with us.  We ended the visit with lunch at Homestead with Jess, Jake & Savannah.  It was fun to see them and Jess' growing tummy.  She's having twin boys in August!!!  Josh we missed you and we're sorry you were at home nursing a broken ankle and had to go to work.  Bummer, but..there's always next time.  We love you all and we're looking forward to the next visit!!!       

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Dena said...

Well that is just the sweetest post I've ever read. Thank you so much for all of that. You clearly know my kids and they love you both so much.

Jessica hasn't STOPPED playing with the pink play dough. Seriously. Our kitchen table has all of her supplies she uses everyday.

Those pictures are so cute.

Again, thank you so much.

We love you.