Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryceton!

Transformers lunch out...Kai might like that too!!! 

SWEET Lego ice cream cake

Happy Birthday Bryceton!  We celebrated Bryce's birthday on July 19.  I missed out since I was at work, but...Uncle Aaron took over picture duty.  Thanks!!  Bryce had a lego themed birthday party complete with a green "lego" ice cream cake!  SWEET!!!  Bryce is the oldest of the Benner grandkids and he takes his job seriously.  And might I add, he does a super job of it!!  What a sweet boy he is, both Aaron and I are so proud to call him our nephew.  He like to play sports and takes drum lessons.....and loves to play with legos and Uncle Aaron's Transformers!  Who saves all their Transformers from childhood?  That would be my husband...and we're so glad he did.  So are the boys!!  Bryceton, we hope your year is filled with wonder and amazement...we pray you strive to be the boy Jesus has called you to be.  That you will learn lots in school this year and meet new friends...we love you Bryceton Robert....Happy Birthday!!!  

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