Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When we had had Halle home with us for only a short time...a month or so...our dear friend Carrie shared with me that she had been praying that day and God had laid Halle on her heart. So...she began to pray for her....and God gave her the word "Halle"lujah. How cool is that? Our heart rejoices and sings everyday over our dear, silly (I say that truthfully, ask anyone who spends extended amounts of time with her) beautiful daughter. We praised our Jesus with many "Halle"lujahs since she came to our house. About a month ago Aaron's dear Great Uncle Merle sent us and e-mail and he enclosed this: "We recognize that the word "halle" is what the Jews sang when they went up to ZION>>>the Holy City of Jerusalem! Praise the Lord.! Hallelujah!" How cool is that? When we picked the name Halle Grace it was one we both agreed on, thank goodness, Aaron had nixed about 6 others on my list. We never even thought about the significance....all I can say is HALLELUJAH!!!!


Dena said...

OH that is too much! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

miss you guys!


Amy said...

How cool is that! Love that story!