Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthmother's Day

While reading our Adoptive Families magazine I came across a little article about the very special day in May.  It's Birth Mother's day.  In 1990 the Saturday before Mother's Day was designated "Birthmother's Day" by a group of birthmothers.  I this, that day I want to honor and recognize all those birthmothers that chose life for their children.  More specifically, I want to honor Halle's birthmother, Michelle.  What an amazing sacrifice she made, what love she showed and what an AMAZING, wonderful gift she gave us in our daughter, Halle Grace.  When Halle is old enough we will share with her about her story and her birthmother.  We already do talk about her and her family as well as her dear foster family, whom we are still in contact with.  We sent Halle's foster mommy, Mary Lynne, an e-mail wishing her a Happy Mother's Day with a sweet picture of our little girl.  They cared for her for her first 8 weeks and can I just say did a wonderful job!  Mary Lynne provided us with pages of handwritten information about Halle and sent along such sweet memories all with little handwritten notes, punched with little feet!  The outfit she wore home from the hospital (so sweet and so little, a preemie size that was still too big), her Halloween costume, a dress Mary Lynne had made...I will cherish that FOREVER!!  When we left Texas with our little girl we knew God's hand was all over this adoption.  We love Halle's birthmom and her foster mommy so much!  So...on this day we honor you two!  AND....I can not write this post without honoring my dear friend Dena.  My sweet Dena is a birthmom who chose to give life to her daughter Julia...what an AMAZING example of God's love...if you ever meet Dena...ask her about her testimony.  I'll be very blessed....

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