Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

WOW!!!  Today was my very first Mother's Day!  Do you know how long I have been looking forward to this very day??  Let's just say....YEARS!!  My day started a little rough...Halle has not been sleeping well, or feeling well for that matter.  SO...we got up at 6:30am...not so fun for this Mommy.  Halle did give Mommy a 1/2 hour massage with her very favorite massage therapist...HOORAAYYY!!  And...Daddy gave Mommy a new CD she had been wanting with a very sweet card that made me cry.  Which, can I tell you, that was the norm for the day.  I was so emotional...and since our Pastor's message was about our Heavenly Father being emotional...I just went with it...tears and all.  Halle wore her "I Love Mom" shirt proudly, well....with a bib...teething really does her in!  Grammie went to church with us and after we picked up Auntie Amber and headed out to lunch...BOOMERS!  I love, love, love this place...and it's a drive-in, diner place, complete with hard ice cream milkshakes, burgers with grilled onions and waffle fries!  YUM-O!!  Not your typical Mother's Day fare,'s one of my favorite places and I don't get to go there very often.  We had a fun, yummy lunch and headed out to see Great-Grammie and join her for her Ice cream social at the assisted living home she lives in.  All the Grammies loved Halle, she was quite the hit.  We topped off our day with visiting at my Mom's and a few gifts.  A new book for me I had been wanting and my sister got me a framed print with such a sweet adoption message.  It was perfect.  I would say the best part of all was the honor and privilege of standing up with all the Mom's at church.  For 3+ years that small task was met with tears and hiding my face in my hands...this year Aaron smiled at me as I stood with all the others.  What a joy and honor it was to be called MOMMY!!  


Mighty M said...

Happy Mother's Day! ;-)

Stacy said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day, April! YAY!

Delanie said...

Hurray for your first mother's day!!!!!!