Thursday, December 24, 2009

CHRISTmas Eve 2009

For Christmas Eve 2009 we started off with Halle waking up to look under the tree and find her Pal Violet from Uncle Shaun and Auntie Heather. She loves her....Violet is a Leap Frog toy and you program her with your computer...she knows Halle's name her favorite food and color. It's been fun to see Hal's face when she sees Violet. Definitely one of her favorite things. My friend Kristin and my Mom came over Christmas Eve morning and had breakfast with Halle and I while Daddy was helping The Grace's move into their new house. The rest of the day was spent preparing for Christmas Eve at my Aunt & Uncle's. Christmas Eve is always spent with my Mom's extended family. We take turns at different houses and this year we were at the Hall's. Halle loves spending time with her cousins and checking out all the new things at other's houses...we just have to keep on extra good eye on her. We ate a yummy meal...I think Halle ate her weight in ham....and then opened our gifts. We draw names and the guys have a grab bag gift of sorts. This year Daddy got a battery charger with AA and AAA batteries...those will definitely come in handy at our house for all Hal's toys. He also got a HUGE Mr. Goodbar and the gift that keeps on giving: My Dad's UW headband. Just a little background on this...last year we gave that with Aaron's gift to Colby in hopes that it would be the gift that kept on coming back. It's a great way to remember my Dad and he would think it was so funny! You see, my Dad and Uncle Gary are the ONLY Huskie fans on that side of the family. HEHEHE!!

***Please excuse our grainy pictures...somehow the settings on the camera got changed...gee, I wonder how that happened??***

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