Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt -- NCCTK Style!

I just had to share this picture of Halle from today. She went on her VERY FIRST Easter Egg Hunt at church today and did GREAT....we snuck in her in actually, she was supposed to be two. 18 months is close enough isn't it? She's as tall as some two year olds. Yes, I know she has her binky in. It was a binky kind of day. Too bad I lost that binky today....oh well. Our home is well stocked. But, seriously, isn't she super cute? And she picked up the eggs all by herself. We counted as we went....and I called out the colors to her. I'm always trying to make things a learning experience for her. Inside every egg, you guessed it, chocolate! She got to have some tonight....she's just like her Mama! She loves chocolate...she kept asking, "Bite, bite, bite".....Yep....just like me!!

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Amy J said...

She is so incredibly darling! Glad my son isn't the only one still wanting his binky. Happy Easter. HE HAS RISEN!