Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday...on this day he would be 62!  Instead...on this day I miss him...very, very much...I miss everything about him.  His laugh...his silly sense of humor and that silly way that he dressed.  Trust me, he DID NOT have any fashion sense what so ever.  BUT, we loved him for that and it gave us all the more reason to dress him clothes.  My Dad will always be my hero.  He fought his cancer for 4 1/2 years...his body went through much more than I can handle in a single minute.  I look up to him like no other and I respect him and always will.  He blessed me......and I'm sad he isn't here to see his granddaughter...he would LOVE her.  And, I'm quite certain she would love her Grampie!  Dad, I miss you and wish you could be here with us, but...I'm so very glad your body is whole and healed...that your spending this your 62nd birthday with your Heavenly Father the one who created you.  Until I see you again, I will eat crab whenever I get the chance because...that's what you would do...and I am your daughter.  I will remember you with funny stories and silly things that you would say.  I will watch the movies you loved and cry because they remind me of you!  Not a sad cry...but a "I'm so glad he shared this movie with us"cry.  I will stand firm in what I believe and let other's know that.  I choose life and what it holds, even if the road is bumpy and not always fun.  I will instill in our daughter, along with Aaron, the love of Jesus and all He has done for us just as you and Mom did for me.  I promise to never, ever forget you or your silly little smile, your love of camping, card playing or sports.  I hope you can see this little Halle...she is going to be taller than YOU!  AND...she'll probably love playing all the sports you did.  I will take care of Mom because that is what you would be doing....I will love you and love you!!     

Forever and Always, 
Your very strong-willed (after all, I got it from you) brown-eyed girl

ps...would you catch a big one up in Heaven for me??  and...while you're at it...give those I love a big hug & kiss....

Pictures:  Above Mom & Dad on Christmas 2004...Dad & Connor Birch Bay 2005 (I think??)

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