Friday, August 20, 2010

Northwest Washington Fair 2010

We took Halle to the Fair for the very first time today.  OH MY!  She loved every single stinkin' minute of it.  We chose to park in one of the free shuttle bus parking lots and ride the bus.  We usually do that any way, but this time was extra special.  This little brown girl thinks buses are the best thing since sliced bread!  Her excitement is contagious and it makes me want to enjoy riding the bus as much as she does.  We could hardly keep her in her seat.  We met Grammie, her friend Roy (he was visiting from Texas and here to attend his class reunion) and TiTi!  Hal was sportin' her oh so cute puffs in her hair....I love it like that!!  We started off the night with a few rides.  I wasn't sure how she would do as recently she has become a little timid on the swings at the park.  Boy, you sure couldn't tell....she faced the rides HEAD ON...just as this little girl faces life.  You'll see from the pictures below the sheer joy and excitement on her little face.  Even though the slide one is blurry you should have been there to see her expression...I'll never forget it!  It was all worth it just for this....seriously, do you know how long I have been waiting for a little person of my own to take to the Fair???  So many years I can't even count.  My heart was so happy watching this little girl of our's having so much fun.  And then....we went to see the animals...yes, my daughter is wearing a bear backpack/harness.  It worked super....and this time she didn't run around like a crazy girl with it on.  She had to touch every single one of the animals....and even their water...SHEESH!  We had to keep her hands out of that.  I enjoyed my King Corn dog, french fries and had my ice cream cone from the Dariy Wives booth...LOVE IT!!  We didn't get home until 9:30pm and she was still awake.  We just had to snap one last picture of her hair...after we took the puffs out.  She was laughing so hard at herself in the mirror...yes, my mirror is dirty.  It somehow doesn't look that bad in person...honestly.   

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