Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BIG Girl Bed

A few weeks ago we moved Halle into her "BIG Girl Bed"'s a twin size bed that was mine.  So, that makes it pretty special....Daddy painted the headboard bright red to match Hal's room and we got some new sheets too.  We don't quite have all the bedding yet.  Nana is going to help Mommy make a duvet cover, but...she's been really busy lately preparing for her new grandson that will arrive sometime in early December.  She made the cutest bedding for the little guy's crib!  For the first two nights we climbed into bed with Hal and laid with her until she fell asleep.  Then, on the third night, she stayed all by herself...HOORAAY!!  Well, I 'd like to say she's done that ever since, but...that is not the story!  AND...certainly would not be truthful if I said that!  It's a struggle...we're making it.  Isn't parenting great?  Nothing has ever stretched me as much as being a Mommy has.  Here are some pictures to commemorate this BIG step in Hal's little life.....

She LOVED helping Daddy put her bed together and was just GIDDY with excitement over this BIG change.  I found her on Sunday morning sleeping totally sideways in her bed...good thing she didn't fall out!  She loved to do this in her crib too, but...she had become way too tall!

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Rosanne said...

I love her little hair caps! So cute! Have you seen the Sesame Street video "I love my hair"? Look it up on Youtube if you haven't - it's really neat for little brown girls. :)