Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jesus and the Boat

Can I just tell you how very much I love this little picture??  With it comes a story.  On Sunday we went to pick Halle up from her Sunday School Class....she, like always, runs up to meet us callling "Mommy, Daddy!".  I love that this never gets old for her....She never tires of greeting us after we've been away.  Even for a short time.  On this morning, she handed me the above picture.  I looked at it and asked her what it was. Her answer was simple.  Jesus and a boat.  I then asked what Jesus was doing.  "Walking on the water!" She answered with such passion and excitement...and even jumped up and down clapping her hands.  This I also LOVE.  She is such a passionate, right on kind-of-girl.  Inside and out I was beaming.  Our little girl was listening, she was getting this thing we call faith.  Understanding the reason why we go to this place called church.

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