Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Pioneer Woman....Oh How I love THEE.

If I could, and believed in this silly sort of stuff....I would be Ree Drummond in my next life. That's right.  The Pioneer Woman for those of you who don't know.  AND....if you don't, you are seriously missing out.  She is seriously the best....from her red hair (yes, I'm very partial) to her swing tops and so cute cowboy boots.  And...she lives on a ranch in Oklahoma in the middle of no where.  We call my In-Law's house "The Ranch" and my Father-in-Law has a handful of horses....will that work??  This girl can cook....let me tell you.  Her recipes are more than loved at our house.  She makes great comfort food.....some fancy stuff too, and every.single.thing. that I have tried has been a hit with my lovely husband.  Her  Meatloaf, wrapped in bacon and covered in a spicy ketchup sauce, her Sloppy Joes (sorry Mom, I like hers better!), Chicken spaghetti, Salisbury Steak & Beef with Snow Peas.  Just typing all of this makes me so hungry.  Do you like stew?  I really normally don't, but....her Stew with Beer & Paprika rocked my socks off.  It renewed my love of stew....and my husband could not be more happy with that.  Check out her website/blog and by all means, buy yourself not just one, but...both of her cookbooks. Watch her show on Saturday mornings on the Food Network. And as I told my friend Jess, "Cook this stew and your husband will want to marry you all over again!"  Yes,'s seriously that good.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Right there with you.

I own both books. Oh.Yes.I.Do.

Have you made her Cinnamon Rolls? Amazing!

Jim's new "Papa's Specialty" is her Pico de Gallo recipe. Oh.So.Good.

:) :) :)

Heather TenKley said...

OK April I'm trying the stew recipe tonight. She calls for french bread with it so I will have to make some. OOOh maybe cornbread instead.

Heather TenKley said...

The stew turned out fabulous. I also did cornbread with it yummy. I halved the recipe and it was just enough for the 4 of us. Next time I will do the whole recipe, I think jeremy would have liked leftovers for lunch :)

the story of my life... said...

I think I need to buy her books!