Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sharing with You All

This evening I popped on over to one of my very favorite blogs.  Raechel Myers has inspired me from the very first time I read a post on "Finding my Feet".  She, like me, struggles with carrying a baby.  And....they lost their baby girl Evie only hours after she was born.  Just a few weeks ago, she found herself unexpectedly pregnant.  Like me, pregnancy does not bring her joy.  It brings fear.  It should not be like this, but...I so know where she is coming from.  You can read her post here in it's entirety.  I identify with so very many of her feelings.  On Sunday, we'll celebrate Elliott's second birthday without him here on this earth.  The pain is getting a little less, but the memories, oh...they are still so very fresh.  

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Stephanie Broersma said...

Today while washing dishes I thought of you and gave a little shout out to God asking for peace and healing with a HUGE side of happiness as well! Praying you feel the joy of being an amazing mommy to two little blessings in your life... Here and in Heaven. You amaze me April with your strength!