Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday!

Miss Halle -- 1 year old
Tomorrow is Halle's first birthday...I seriously can't believe it! WOW! She has been with us for 10 whole months. In a way it seems like just yesterday we arrived home from Texas. other ways I feel like she's been ours FOREVER!! This little girl is the light of our lives. She brings us so much joy and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of laughter. So, here dear sweet little girl is your birthday letter from Mommy!!

Dear Halle Grace,
Mommy can not believe you are going to be one tomorrow....the time has flown by!! I was telling Daddy just the other night that I can hardly remember what it was like when you were so tiny. When you came to live with Mommy & Daddy you were about, you weigh 20lbs and you are so get that from your Birth Mommy! Words can not express how much I love you little girl...I will NEVER take for granted that love. I will kiss your cheeks until you grow too big and won't let me any more and, just for the record, that's going to be a long way off!! You sweet brown girl fill Mommy's life with smiles, laughter and so much fun. I love, love, love that you love music just like your Mommy & Daddy. Dancing is one of your favorite things to do! And you have more rythmn than either one of us has. You face life head on with no fear though we're not sure if that's good or bad, but...I'm going with good. This would be the reason that tonight you got your very first bloody lip. For the same reason, we're pretty sure it won't be your last. We're working on saying some words right now and I seriously, never want to forget how you say "dog". It's the cutest have to concentrate really hard and then at the end you don't get the whole "g" out but, lots of spit comes instead! You little girl could charm the socks off anybody...the checker at the grocery store, Grammie's friends at the bank and more than anything your Daddy!! You love your Daddy so much and that makes Mommy so happy...I love to see your face when you see your Daddy after he's been away at work. You use your ever so speedy crawling skills and get to him as fast as you can. You follow him EVERYWHERE...and even wait outside the bathroom door for him. Your Daddy waited a very long time to have a little girl like you, Halle Grace. There are so many things I don't want to how you get so excited when we come to get you out of your crib, I sometimes think you might jump right out you're so excited. Or, how you tip your sippy cup back so far when you're drinking you almost fall makes us laugh sweet girl! And all the silly games we can play with you and your blankie. We can get you giggling so hard....But, my most favorite thing of all is snuggling with you sweet girl. I rocked you for just a *little* bit tonight before you went to bed...I was remembering when you were so tiny your feet hardly made it to my waist...and you'd tuck your legs up with your little bum in the air. Now your legs are so long they hang down to my knees when I'm sitting. But, just like kissing your cheeks...I will rock you until you won't let me anymore! Halle, Daddy and I pray that this year will be one of wonder and delight for you. That your little brain will retain lots and lots and you will learn more and more. We pray our Jesus will bless you baby girl...that He will keep you safe and away from harm. But most of all we pray that when the time is right you will ask Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and Savior. We love you Halle truly are a gift from God!!!

Mommy (and Daddy too!)
Miss Halle -- Two days old


Dena said...

Please pass the Kleenex!! :) (sheesh!)

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SWEET HALLE GRACE!! Auntie and Uncle love you so very much! I can't wait for more and more and MORE years to know and love you!!


Mighty M said...

Happy Birthday!!

Dana Lohrer said...

Precious!!! Happy 1st Birthday, Halle!!! Time has really passed quickly!!! She a beautiful, beautiful girl!!! Looking forward to seeing her grow over the next year!!! Have fun celebrating her big day!!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday a little late :) I love the picture! That little chair is just precious, and Halle is so pretty. Wishing you a great year being one :)

Stacy said...

What a beautiful letter, April- for a beautiful girl! Happy birthday, Halle!

Amy Simmons said...

Happy Birthday Halle! I hope I get to meet you soon! April I am so truly happy for the both of you! I know how much you prayed for a baby and you now have such a beautiful little girl! I know I don't have to tell you, time FLIES by in the blink of an eye, so cherish every scraped knee, bloody lip, every smile and laugh! I love you all so much and am SO happy you have this little blessing!!!

Saralee said...
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Saralee said...

What a precious tribute to Miss Halle! You are all so blessed!

Happy 1st Birthday Little Princess!