Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

For the last many, many years we have gone camping with the TenKley's over Memorial Day Weekend...always to the same place...Birch Bay State Park! Notoriously, it rains...but, it seems like the past couple of years have been relatively nice, well...not this year! It poured most of the time. We did get a break on Sunday and walked down to the beach. Halle LOVED it and we really need to go back soon. Despite the wet weather, mud and pine needles...I loved being with my family and these wonderful friends of ours...I can't wait until next year. Well....let's just say I'll be checking the forecast up until the day we leave! Rain, tents & an almost two year old don't really mix!
Daddy & Hal in the tent Saturday morning...yes, Aaron needs COFFEE!
Running down Grammies SHORT trailer hall
LOVE our flag....
One of many silly faces...
Love this pic of Daddy & His girl...
Sweet Madie girl
Mazie & Rylee
Kyle, Conner & Sydney...digging for clams
Drumming on a bucket....
Writing in the sand with Grammie
Grammie, Mommy & Hal
Watch I come!!!

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