Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Thoughts 2010

Today is Mother's Day....mine didn't start out so hot. We needed to get to the early service at 9am this morning. So, I hopped in the shower and was in the process of getting ready when Aaron went to wake up our Halle girl. She was taking a her sweet time waking up....that's when Aaron noticed she had spit/thrown up in her crib last night. Um....not a pretty site, could have been worse...much worse. So, Aaron got Hal dressed I stripped the bed of EVERYTHING, mattress pad, sheet, blankets, stuffed animals and even her bumper pad. I didn't want any of that left in her crib. This, of course, put us behind. This is when the day started to get better. I was still untying the bumper when my little girl walked in with a gift bag for me, her Mommy. Inside was a new CD, a card from her & Daddy &....her crayon! She had signed her card and wanted to put the crayon she used in with it too...sometimes we just don't fight her on things. We all made it to and sound and only 15 minutes late. We enjoyed our lunch at "Anthony's" with Grammie and now, I think I may take a nap. Or enjoy one of my favorite shows while Hal is napping in her crib with her newly laundered sheets....MINUS her bumper pad that still needs to be washed. God is good.......and being a Mommy is a HUGE blessing. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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