Friday, February 15, 2008

The Big Day!

Well...we did it. We mailed off our application for the adoption. We had planned to bring it to the prayer center at our church and have others we know join us in praying over the package of papers that would change our lives forever. But...all those we invited were unable to come. So, Aaron and I prayed ourselves and sent it on it's way. We still have more paperwork to work through, but...the good news is we already have over 50% of the next batch done. Praise the Lord!!!! So....please continue to lift us up in prayer as we get closer....I'm so excited, aren't YOU? I can't wait to see what this little person will look like! UMMMMM....and snuggles, I can't wait to get those. But...most of all, I can't wait to see our son or daughter sleeping on their Daddy!!!


The Beynon Family said...

April: I am so excited for you and Aaron! What a big step completed towards bringing home your little bundle of joy. You are in my prayers everyday. I know you will be a wonderful mommy. God is just picking out the perfect baby for you!

the Oliver Family said...

I am praying praying praying for you!!! I know God has the perfect baby picked out for you... what a joyful day it will be when your family is united! With this application, are you only able to adopt through your agency, or can you adopt anywhere in the country? Love ya!!

The Benners said...

Erica --
The application is only good for our agency. Boy, wouldn't that be something if it worked for every agency all around the world?