Friday, February 29, 2008

ServiceMaster to the Rescue... update to our minor flood. Aaron and I got up on Thursday morning to a squishy carpet still. We had to wear our shoes everywhere went. What a pain. So, I get to thinking about all of this at work on Thursday and decided it would be best to call our trusty insurance agent, Pam. She just happens to be my cousin and the service is top notch!! After a phone call to Aaron it was decided we would call ServiceMaster. Am I ever glad!!! We did not know what damage had been done. our house sounds like an airport....just listen...can't you hear the air movement? We're sleeping in our office and all of our stuff is in places that it shouldn't be. But...God is good! We were home when it happened and we're safe...a little annoyed with the disarray of our surroundings. Oh that's probably just me.....over and out from our noisy home to yours!!!

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