Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joy like a Fountain!??

So...I'm minding my own business while Aaron is cleaning up the dinner dishes. I'm on the computer oblivious to anything else....just relaxing. Anyway...I turned on the printer and it was making a HORRIBLE noise..right about that time I hear Aaron from down the hallway...."we have a problem here"....I'm thinking everything seems fine to me, but...boy did we ever have a problem on our hands. Right before sitting down to dinner I had started a load of laundry....what both of us didn't know when we sat down was that our washing machine was going to OVERFLOW!!! Yes, that's what a I said. Good Grief!!! So, we had about an inch of water in our little laundry closet and the water had leaked all over the hallway, into our bedroom, into the entry way...I have no idea how it did that...under the wall I guess. Aaron had towels everywhere when I brilliantly suggested we use the wet/dry vacuum. Thank you Jesus!! It's a small one,'s doing it's job. I did take some, hopefully I'll get those on here. So, we're not sure, looks like our washing machine was stuck on the fill cycle. Can you imagine? SHEEEESH!!! Hopefully, it was just a fluke. We can't really afford a new washing machine right now. AND...we have to have a stackable set. Well...that's the most exciting Wednesday night we've had in a long time! We've had some issues with our plumbing ever since we moved in. I think we'd only been here a few weeks when I came home to water dripping from our ceiling. A chunk of our ceiling had to be, "Professional Plumbing" strikes again. Can you even believe that's their name? Seriously! But...the jury's still could the machine and not the plumbing.

***It's now 10:40pm and our load of laundry is FINALLY in the dryer. So, alas, it was the washing machine, but...we're pretty sure it's fixed. We have NO idea why it decided to stick like it did. Big thanks to Aaron's Mom, she brought us their carpet worked great to suck up all the water. I think we'll still need it for a few days. It still feels squishy in some parts. Thank goodness we have cement floors under our carpet and padding. Ok...hopefully, it's off to bed for us***

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