Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eden's Birthday

Happy birthday to our niece Eden!!  Her birthday is June 28, but...we celebrated at Nana & Papa's  on June 22.  We missed Auntie Heather and Uncle Shaun, but...we were thinking about you!  I can remember the day Aaron called me to tell me that Eden had been born.  We were still dating at the time.  And now that little niece of ours is going off to kindergarten in the fall.  WOW!!  Eden Sierra you fill our lives with spunk!  You take in everything and do it full force.  I have enjoyed watching you at your ballet recitals and love your love of all things GIRL!!  Let me tell you this girl has a sweet tooth...and she loves Mac & Cheese with a passion.  Uncle Aaron and Auntie April pray Jesus blesses you as you continue to grow and learn.  We pray your first year in school will be one filled with new things that bring you joy! That you will meet new friends and be an example to them.  We love you Eden, Happy Birthday!!!  

Who's this?  EDEN!!  What a sweetheart!  Look how big you are now! 
Happy birthday Eden...we can't believe you're FIVE!!!  
I think this face says it all!!  Hayden loves her cake!!

Bryce & Kai hanging out at Nana & Papa's....I think they were playing a game on the computer. Aren't they cute???  

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Daniel, Lisa, Eden, and Hayden said...

So cute! You are so thoughtful and WE are so blessed to have you as our daughters' auntie and uncle. We love you!