Saturday, June 7, 2008


The back of our float...our web address....letters handmade by ME!
All HIS fun!!!  This picture makes me want to cry!!  We are so blessed!
The side view of our float...isn't it so cute??
Trevin (adopted from Ethiopia) having a BLAST in my car!!  This face says it all!!!
Victoria (adopted from Ghana), Kristi & I filling up balloons for the float

Wow!!  My friend Kristi who is an amazing Mom of three cutie patooties, the youngest being Trevin that they adopted from Ethiopia in January...had a brilliant idea!  The Farmers' Day Parade was coming up in Lynden, so how about we have a float for HIS Kids Our Homes.  This is an adoption/foster support group of sorts at our church.  So, we set out to make the float with all of Kristi's amazing ideas!  Let m tell you....she did a great job.  We seriously set out to make this float all about the kids that have been adopted into families in our community whether it be through an international or domestic adoption.  We succeeded in doing that and so much more!  Not only did we get to showcase all HIS kids, but...we also won first prize in our division.  What a treat!  To see how God has blessed all of these families with amazing kids of HIS kingdom was so cool.  AND...I am so looking forward to having our son or daughter on there next year!!!  Big thanks to Kristi, Carrie & Kelli!!  You girls ROCK!!!  

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