Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full of Gratitude

A huge, big, gigantic thank you to our family for purchasing this Chicco Trevi Stroller/Car Seat combo for us!  We absolutely love it...and CAN NOT wait to use it for real!  It folds up so easy and the car seat clips into the stroller like a breeze.  We feel so blessed...and now we can cross yet another thing off the "getting ready for baby" list!  AND...as you can see from the bottom photo we also got a backseat for the BRONCO!!  HOORAAAYY!!!  Now, the baby can ride in that as well!  I came home from work one Saturday and Aaron had the Cabbage Patch Doll all snugly buckled up in the carseat...he's practicing!  And then the next Saturday she was hanging out in the Bronco trying out the new backseat!  I love that my husband is getting excited.  Now...we just need the baby!!!

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Dena said...

oh man, i can't wait for josh to read this post. he will SO "get it." :)