Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yogurt Body Butter

Ok, so I had to share with you this AMAZING new product I just got from Garden Botanika. Did you know you could still get there products online? I absolutely love their stuff and still wish the store was here, but...the internet works good for me too. The Garden Botanika "truffle" lipstick is still the only one I use, and I've used it for probably more than 10 years! It's the only brown lipstick I can find that doesn't turn pink. I love it. They also have a great deal for Garden Club Members. You pay $15 for a yearly membership and get 15% off of every order every day and lots of other cool deals. BUT...the biggest reason for this post is the their new Custom Fragrance Yogurt Body Butter!! IT ROCKS!! I tell ya, when I saw this I jumped at the deal and got my favorite scent: COCONUT!! It's light and whipped...kinda like yogurt, but...smells so great! It's keeping my dry skin hydrated....try'll like it too!

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