Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

August 27 is our nephew Kai's birthday.  So, we all got together on Labor day & celebrated like only a newly three year old the city park.  It was actually so nice for all the kids. was kinda chilly....the wind was whipping around.  Kai is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic little boys I know.  He uses so much expression while talking...I just love it!  You can't help but laugh when he get's so's contagious.  He loves his Papa and John Deere fact, when he was smaller we would hold up a green crayon and ask him what color it was...he would quickly respond, "John Deere Green"!!  His blue eyes shine with excitement when his Papa walks into the room and we're all sure to get HUGE hugs when coming and going from Kai!  Uncle Aaron and Auntie April are so glad Jesus made you Kai!  You fill our lives with added fun and laughter!  We pray Jesus blesses you as you continue to grow in Him!  Happy Birthday Kai Vincent-Rhoads....We love YOU!!!  

Here Kai is with his so cool cake! His Mom rocks!  I don't think I could do this!!

YES!!!  Legos from Grandma & Grandpa!!!  He's following in Bryce's footsteps...

A close-up of this AMAZING cake!!!

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