Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Day

On this day....we celebrate YOU Daddy!! Thank you for:

  • wiping my snotty nose
  • dancing with me to "Liza" and my new favorite the "Trash" song
  • instilling your love of music in me
  • loving Jesus with your whole heart
  • taking such good care of Mommy & Me
  • "Bringing Home the Bacon" everyday
  • getting up with me in the middle of night
  • teaching me about guitars, tractors and lots of animals
  • telling me I look pretty
Most importantly...teaching me about Jesus and His love for me!!

And a note from Mommy:

Dear Aaron,
Thank you for loving our little girl....for loving me...for believing in her and all her dreams. For taking extra time to blow bubbles with her, walk with her and "Rock-A-Bye" her. A long time ago when we started this long journey I knew I had chosen the very best! You believed in adoption from the get-go and had NO problems with it....even before we were married. You are my ROCK, my sounding board...and you can make me laugh....sometimes when I'm about to cry. You are one HOT handy man and I'm so happy to call you mine! Thank you again for being the BEST Daddy you can be...I appreciate you so much!!
Hugs and lots of kisses,
Your Wife

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