Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Happening at our House??

Lots and lots of things.....we are VERY busy right now. Busy making messes, building towers, reading books, wiping snotty noses, snuggling a sweet little brown girl with allergies, gearing up for Relay for Life....praising Jesus for our new baby nephew who will be born in December (Hooooooraaayyyy to Auntie Leah & Uncle Eddie...we can't WAIT to see this little guy!!)....eating DELICIOUS fresh strawberries....dancing to our Sesame Street "Trash" song....learning from Elmo about the "POTTY".....wearing yellow striped Baby Legs with a so cute flower nightie to bed...using our toothbrush....stealing Mommy's iced coffee in the morning (thank goodness she didn't like it...PHEW!)...and last but, certainly not least....wearing a toy bucket on our heads!!!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

isn't if funny how the most random things become favorite toys? I think my girls have more fun in the tupperware cupboard than they do in their play room.