Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Summer

It's Summer!! HOORRAYYY....I'm not much for hot weather...I'm sure some of you are booing while reading this. I just don't dig the super hot weather, UNLESS....I'm near a body of water or sprinkler of some sort. That's why I live where I do! This week has been sooooo warm...and I'm trying to do fun things with Hal. we picked up Kiana, ran a few errands and made it home in time for lunch & a nap. While the little brown girl napped Kiana and made a tutu...she's showing it off in the picture below. We watched a movie, ate popcorn and was PERFECT! When Hal woke up we headed outside for some splashpad fun! Both girls were drinking out of the sprinkler at one point and we all had a good time...UNTIL...I went inside to get something and my sweet little girl pulled the screen door shut (it was open)...Mommy crashed right into it. OH MY! Aaron thought Halle would be the one to do that...well, was ME! Shoot.

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Mighty M said...

She is so cute!!