Monday, August 25, 2008

What I loved....

about this Sunday!  First it was raining...I know, I know why did I like that?  Well, because it felt great to have a refresher to our dry ground and it reminded me that fall is just around the corner...big HOORAAYYYY there.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall.  Next the message at church was AMAZING...thank you Heavenly Father for sending your message through Pastor Kim. just so happened to be "Surf's Up Weekend" at our church.  It is tradition to have a LARGE baptism service on one of the last weekends in August at our church.  Usually, we have it outside, but...due to the rain we had it inside.  WOW!!!  I was so least 15 maybe even 20 people were baptized.  Most of them, my good friend Candace....what a lesson in obedience she shared...I'm proud of you Can!  About four male students who had started a bible study got baptized, two middle school girls who are good friends, together were baptized.  A Mom of two boys who overcame her shyness, just being obedient to God's leading.  A local high school sports hero gave his testimony of how Fellowship of Christian Athletes had lead him to be baptized and finally, a young man who was shipping out to Iraq today.  WOW!  His Dad had the opportunity to help with the baptism and it was the most emotional, touching time of fact, I'm tearing up now typing this.  We gave this soldier who is fighting for our freedom a well deserved standing ovation!  The heavens were definitely rejoicing......After church we went to my Mom's for a roast beef dinner....MMMMM!!!  And bonus, we got to spend time with Cheri our good friend.  We closed up the day with Catalyst at our church.  This is a time of worship and communion.  Aaron plays in the worship band that leads and I was sure blessed last night.  I love to worship, but...I am so blessed by others worshipping.  I watched a Dad wrap his arms around his son and bless him with prayer!  I turned around and saw not one, but two beautiful HIS Kids from Ghana worshipping our Lord and Jesus with such passion. These kids are probably not even ten years old yet.  They put some adults to shame!  Right down the row from me was yet another beautiful little girl from Ghana pouring her heart out in song!  This is what I loved about Sunday!  


Dena said...

amen. I have no other words right now, but AMEN.


thanks for the post Ape.

Janet said...

Thanks for your kind words to me regarding my friend Jen! I love your blog and your shoes. I have the EXACT ones. I know we would be great friends!

April said...

How fun! I just created a blog and I was trying to type my URL in and I came across your blog. My URL is actually aaronandapriljacob(with our last name).

Where are you from? I would love to get to know you better! That's great that there are two Aaron and April's out there!

Have a wonderful day!