Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Tree

I just got finished decorating the Christmas tree...Halle sat in her bouncy seat and watched me until she fell asleep.  I just love decorating the tree...don't you?  Aaron and I put the lights on together last night and I did the rest this evening.  I remember as a kid decorating the tree and how my Mom liked to move the ornaments from the spot my sister and I had put them.  She liked a nice tree...I do as well....like Mother like Daughter.  We also both picked Noble Firs for our trees....of course, they are the most expensive.  But, growing up we always had a Noble Fir and that's what I'm used to.  As I was decorating the tree I was remembering....with each ornament.  This snowflake I got at Kyle & Angela's wedding, I remember the bazaar where I got some of my first ornaments....these faith, family & friends ornaments I got from Candace the year my Dad died...these bells I got for a wedding gift...the snowflakes as well...Grandma Carla gave these Noah's Ark ornaments to me.  We have guitar ornaments for Aaron, one my Mom got especially for him on a trip to Lincoln City, Oregon....we have many Smore's ornaments...a guitar one, a bbq one and this year...Baby's First Christmas for Halle.  AND...another Baby's First Christmas from Auntie Gail & Uncle Gary for Halle.  I do love that all my ornaments don't match...it's a country Christmas tree...right down to the raffia tied on it...and that's just fine by me!  Tell me about your tree!!


Barker Musings said...

I totally agree on the ornaments. All of our ornaments are memories.

Denise said...

Hey April... all of our ornaments are special ornaments. Every year I buy the boys 2 ornaments. One for our tree, and one ornament for them to have when they leave home. I usually try to get one with the year on it, but sometimes I just have to write it on. I usually try to get one of something they enjoyed that year. Like this year I got Caedmon a Transformer one and Keagan a Mickey Mouse one. Kind of makes for a neat tradition. I'm not sure they'll appreciate having 18 ornaments when they leave home, but hey... it's the thought, right?

I enjoy reading your blog! :)


April said...


It's your new friend, April, again. I have been really bad about blogging - okay, so I haven't really kept up our attempted blog at all. I really enjoy reading your blog though and I especially love your love for the Lord. I think that is so wonderful that you just adopted your beautiful daughter! I'm so happy for you! I hope to get to know you better. Have a wonderful day! Oh, I haven't really read through a lot of your posts - where do you live? :) We live in Utah.

Your friend,
April Jacob